Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ugly building torn down, city rejoices

Urbanite says goodbye to a truly hideous structure:

It was ugly. It was bizarre. It was mind-boggling. It was a New York original. And now it's gone.

We're talking about what had to be the ugliest facade in all of New York City. Known variously as the "Foot Saver" or the "Dr. Locke" building, it was quite a streetscape aberration.

Farewell to New York's ugliest facade


Dr. Geoffrey A. Krassler said...

I proposed landmarking for this striking example of brown modern defecationism, but the LPC wouldn't even give it a hearing, just like 2 Columbus Circle and St. Saviour's church.

Anonymous said...

Man...we've seen butt ugly before but this exhibition of frontal nudity is totally revolting!

Maybe LPC can offer it a booby prize designation... posthumously of course!