Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's the day for nostalgia

Here's the schedule for WPIX's 60th anniversary celebration:

The Little Rascals

12-1230pm: Teacher’s Pet

1230p-1pm: Hearts Are Thumps/ Feed ‘Em and Weep

Abbott & Costello

1pm Getting a Job

130pm The Actor’s Home

The Three Stooges

2pm Gents without Cents

230pm A Plumbing We Will Go

The Adventures of Superman

3pm Crime Wave

330pm The Perils of Superman

Get Smart

4pm Mr. Big

430pm A Spy for A Spy

My Favorite Martian

5pm My Favorite Martian

530pm A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Peaches

I Dream Of Jeannie

6pm The Lady In The Bottle

630pm Tomorrow Is Not Another Day

The Odd Couple

7pm Password

730pm My Strife in Court

The Honeymooners

8pm Better Living Through TV

830pm The $99,000 Answer


9-10 pm Hosted by CW11 News Anchors Jim Watkins and Kaity Tong


kingofnycabbies said...

Damn, a picture of the Stooges with "Curly Joe" DeRita? That's like showing a photo of Springsteen with the "Other Band" from 1992. Are there no pictures of Officer Joe Bolton to be found on the interweb?

Queens Crapper said...

You're right, I replaced it with a more appropriate photo.

kingofnycabbies said...

Now that's "soivice"! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...C'mere, Porcupine!

Anonymous said...

Sort of looks like Peter, Eric, and Michael during the Astoria blackout a few summers ago afraid the public would blame them that it was caused by overdevelopment.

Fortunately, the local elders got together and told the boys they could get off the hook by pointing the finger to Con Ed.

Wow, did they have the community's number. They got away with it.