Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tarnish on the Bloomberg legacy

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Bloomberg has taken particular pride in the construction boom, promoting it as the product of his pragmatic approach and the application of high-tech, yet common-sense solutions to the problems of government.

Crane Collapses Prompt Questions on the Mayor’s Oversight

But the deadly crane collapse that killed two people and injured another on the Upper East Side on Friday morning is now threatening to tarnish that legacy. It was the latest in a series of construction-related accidents — including a crane collapse in March that killed seven people — that have left New Yorkers uneasy, with a growing concern that Mr. Bloomberg may have let high-rise construction proliferate without adequate oversight.

Indeed, despite the administration’s recent efforts to improve construction safety, including replacing the commissioner of the Department of Buildings, there are signs that residents — even those who have generally viewed him favorably in the past — are running out of patience with Mr. Bloomberg.


Anonymous said...

Remember the old biblical story about the "Tower of Babel"?

I think that Bloomberg's tower of BABBLE is beginning to crumble
(as is "Parkside's")!

When you endorse building too much, too fast, too high and show utter contempt for the middle class, you wind up f-----g yourself in the end
(your own rear end) your "honor"!

Don't say you weren't warned.

Anonymous said...

The mayor deserves everything he gets. What a loser!

Anonymous said...

Guys, this goes a lot further than the mayor.

Yes, he has a hand in it, but remember, this construction boom is made up of demand (every immigrant is welcomed to NYC damn the infrastructure to support the tweeding process) and supply (the two bit crooks that run this city turn their communities over to campaign donors that are developers)

The problem is the envirnment that they thrive in.

Anonymous said...

El correcto there!

For example, you can get rid of Tienry on LPC, but it will do almost nothing to get the Landmarks Conservcney to repect community groups in the OuterBs or have HDC get reps from that part of the city with the backbone to fight agressively for their communities.

The problem we have in NYC is the festering culture of development, aided and abetted by everthing from toothless preservationists to real estate ad collecting newspapers.

Until this pathological climate changes, Bashing Bloomberg will accomplish little.

Taxpayer said...

Anon # 4 is almost correcto.

But the error of his (her?) correcto is that the solution must start in one place.

That leads to paralysis.

The causes of the many problems are multiple, interdependent and changing.

There is no single correction.

Bashing the Commissar, Tierney, DOB, various developers, any number of cheesy local and state politicians, lazy voters, ignorant and adoring "reporters" and papers,
Clergy who long ago sold their souls and want their congregations to do the same, lazy and ignorant municipal employees, lazy and ignorant judges will do for a start.

But all these contributors must be corrected.

Here's a question for the Commissar: Why, when you watched the collapse reports on TV, did you not leave the radio talk show immediately to visit the scene?

Is that because you didn't want to be caught saying "Eeeeek" in front of witnesses who aren't paid to adore their "Dear Leader"?

Is that because you don't give a shit that still one more innocent died under your command and control?

Is that because you know damn well that it was you who directed DOB to ignore the dangers so that your own and your developer pals' profitability would remain uninterrupted?

You couldn't fly off to Florida to "inspect subway cars" as you did when the Bronx family of illegal aliens died in a fire in an illegally occupied and converted building that you directed DOB to ignore, so you chose to hide out in a radio station?

Do you actually believe your paid off sycophants when they tell you how much the "people" love you?

Are you an utter moron? Or, just a cold killer?

Anonymous said...

Policies that were subtle such as redlining neighborhoods such as ours in Queens, while ignoring the fact of blownout sewers, reduced fire protection, SRO conversions of single family homes. self certification practices, poorly paid and ill trained PO at reduced numbers and developer backed ill-conceived zoning while harboring the greatest population of illegals ever are now blowing up like Hiroshima!

While the mayor spends most weekends jetting to his 30M home in Tuckertown, Bermuda - our tax dollars have been squandered in ill conceived projects and ideas that benefit developers and illegals. That leaves the middle class to fend for themselves. Maybe the Liberterian party is onto something big!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry both legal and illegal immigrants are realizing there isn't any "Americn Dream" for any of us. Again, we are all in the same sinking boat.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry both legal and illegal immigrants are realizing there isn't any "Americn Dream" for any of us.


not so quick. America, even at its worst, is miles ahead of the places where they came from.

nothing less than banning them will stop the flood.