Thursday, June 19, 2008

Springfield Gardens (minus the gardens)

"The subdivision of a garden apartment complex in Springfield Gardens. There used to be trees and flowering shrubs in the rear yards along with community garages. All plowed down by Group Kappa Corp, located at One Cross Island Plaza, which is also owned by Thomas Kontogannis, linked to Duke Cunningham.
This complex has been left unfinished and is now subdivided, sold as two family homes, and some of the new owners have carved out personal rear yards. Violations on property have not been resolved; these are two story buildings consisting of 56 units and are Rent Stabilized but have no common manager. The square block property is bordered by 183 & 184 Streets and 140 & 141 Avenues. As you can see from the photos, the complex is not uniformly painted or cared for." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

A prison exercise yard looks more inviting!

Anonymous said...

Crappy, I saw recently what they did with the St Anthony's site. Reveiw that on this board.

Is it not funny how the politicians go ape shit over the tweeded, then stand passively by while everything in their community looks like crap - from schools to shopping to housing.

Dreary crap.

Anonymous said...

The people that make the choices on what happens in our community, from city government, the politicians to the developers, do not live here.

Years ago they did.