Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Robert DeNiro ignores Landmarks Law

NY Post

Robert DeNiro says his new hotel in downtown Manhattan was a "labor of love."

But the penthouse level of the Greenwich Hotel, next door to DeNiro's Tribeca Film Center, is different from the design that was approved by city officials four years ago.

DeNiro and his partners testified about the project Tuesday at a hearing of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The commission could force them to tear down the penthouse to conform with the design that had been approved.

You should have seen Mary Beth Betts' face when he asked her, "You talkin' to ME?"


Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect from a Sicilian...
(isn't he?)...heh, heh?

Everything but Italian....anything but Italian!

I'm a gonna talk to my godfather
about getting my B'way/Flush nabe landmarked.

Taxpayer said...

DeNiro is just another nobody. But the LPC folks will kiss his ass.

LPC won't even consider landmarking locations in that are preferred by Queens developers.

So the illegal penthouse will say because DeNiro was in a movie. Your neighborhood can be bulldozed because you weren't.

Anonymous said...

Great actor, lousy developer. Ciy Council will fawn and rollover for this jerk.

Anonymous said...

Well, seems to me this fellow is a candidate for the Friends in High Places Award. dont you think $o?

Anonymous said...

No, what about the Landmarks Lion Award? That's where the big money comes from!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that DeNiro will get to keep his Hightower. (get the pun?)