Monday, June 2, 2008

Restored Pavilion map left out in the rain

"Here is where the restored Terrazzo map panels from the NYS Pavilion ended up after students worked months at the Queens museum to restore with all the money raised for the project. Where is Estelle Cooper?

The Parks Dept dumped (as well as damaged) it back on the ground, where it's open to the elements. (Behind the West gate) !!" - Elvis

Dumping again, eh, Dottie?


Anonymous said...

Classic Queens.

Third rate accross the board.

(leadership, not the people)

Anonymous said...

Just another fine example of the department of park's blind leading the deaf and dumb.

Anonymous said...

Parks want the building down and gone. If restored it will mean more work for them to do. GOD FORBID should they need to hire more employees and not have funds to give themselves pay raises and big retirment funds

These lazy good for nothing pigs just want to sit back in there trucks and be big $$ landlords.

Odds are the taxpayers property will end up in the USTA's private hands.

These park suits are just discusting !