Monday, June 9, 2008

Queenscape: Metro Ave & Fresh Pond Rd

It doesn't get much more ghetto or more Queens than this! A crapped up newsstand displaying cheap signs for cheap furniture - at a major crossroads.


Nicholas said...

If they can turn the Fresh Pond Diner into a Commerce Bank, maybe they can convert that shack into a 7-11.

Anonymous said...

try looking in maspeth now at the park on 74th by the old rest. depot theres a guy who comes parks his van on the sidewalk and displays 100's of velvet paintings taking over the whole area no more benches for the people this small park on right on 74th near the service road is now being ghettofied

-Joe said...

Isnt immigration and multicultralism great !

I was just in Ridgewood this morning...where I use to live (Seneca and Norman) Walked around the block all the houses have bars on the windows, lots of grafetti and fresco colors, hubcap & used tire salesman. Asians put a bland blond brick fence and stoop around on my old Stier house, knocked down the wooden rear porches and made a barricks extension with no windows
Much more.
Woolworths amd McCrorys on Myrtle is gone and replaced with this huge stucco airplane hanger "thing" with mall stores, Pizza Hut etc

- - but I have to go throw up now. Great way to loose weight. I'm going to try Maspeth next week


Jason in Kew Gardens said...

"It doesn't get much more ghetto or more Queens than this!"

It definitely gets more ghetto than the corner of Metro and Fresh Pond Road, even if it does have abandoned businesses on both of its Eastern corners.

Reopen the damn Montauk Branch already.

JOE said...

-----Reopen the damn Montauk Branch

HELL No dont want these dam tweeds coming into Montauk
We have enough problems with the entertainment industry & Riverhead scum in the Hamptons.
The only think keeping the Tweeds at bay is the limited trains and an $90 Hampton Jitney fare. least let me dump my summer house first !!!
Im closing right now ! Thank god I didnt loose any $$ !!!
The "sancuary cirty" Riverhead dems are ruining the whole East End with these drunken squat monsters. Many now drive these junk cars with North Carolina plates, no licence, no insurence. They crash into you DWI then flee into the dark woods like cockroaches !

People are being killed on the roads, Newsday wont report it correctly

chester said...

I blame this on the city. They were going to do major construction on that whole corner. They closed down the gas station and the 24hr convenence store. They tried to close down the chevy car lot, but the chevy car lot company owned the property so the city could not close them down as easily. which held construction off. now all that stand there are the 2 dead remains of previous stores.