Saturday, June 7, 2008

Queens cheapskate writing book

I like to look for bargains, too, but this is taking it to an extreme...

A Queens man believes he can do just about anything on the cheap - that's why he carries a briefcase full of coupons.

A connoisseur of coupons


Anonymous said...

Sam, get a life.

-Joe said...

I hate these people !
I was in Walbaums in Great Neck checking out (the lines were long)

After 10 minutes on line this woman in front of me with a full wagan pulls out a big 3x5 Rolldex of coupons out of her Gucci purse !
It must have taken the regester operator 20+ minutes to process all the coupons.
By then I pushed my cart of stuff to the side and left.

Anonymous said...

Joe, how do you her Gucci bag wasn't a fake?