Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More self-certification coming to a site near you!

New Safety Harness Rules at Construction Sites

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York contractors will now have to submit detailed plans for worker safety harness systems at high-rise construction sites.
The city's Department of Buildings told contractors Monday about the new requirements in response to a window installer's death in April. Kevin Kelly fell nine floors to his death after his safety strap failed; investigators said it was improperly installed.

Contractors will now have to obtain engineer-approved drawings of any new safety harness systems that are built into concrete. Site superintendents will have to sign off on inspections for the harnesses. The sites will have to get engineers to certify any safety strap systems that already exist.

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Anonymous said...

You people have it all wrong. The idea of self certification needs to be expanded!! I'm going to certify myself as a building inspector immediately. That will level the playing field.