Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missing the point of eminent domain at the Point

From Curbed:

Eminent domain may be coming to Willets Point, aka the Iron Triangle or iTri, the little corner of Queens near Citifield that the city wants to turn into a $3 billion mixed used development with hotels, apartments, retail and a convention facility. The Daily News got hold of 790-page "blight study" of the area. This is interesting in that such documents usually precede efforts to condemn and seize property. The study says that Willets Point is a "burden on the health of the city's residents and economy." In the meantime, a look at the New York Economic Development Corp. website reveals the city has issued an RFP for a Willets Point Relocation Services Specialist.

Mr. Angry interpreted this post on his blog:

You fucks promote this “Blight Study” as if it was legitimately done by people without bias or the best interest of those who work there now. The area is not an economic blight. hundreds of people work there and depend on the income they get from working there. The only blighted thing about the area is the city governments’ refusal to pave the streets and install sewer lines. That’s taxation without receiving any services in return. It’s wrong.

And there's much, much more where that came from...

Then there's the extra layer of tweeding:

City and Labor Leaders Reach Deal on Plan to Develop Willets Point

These organizations are all represented by the Parkside Group, who, coincidentally, is involved in pushing for the Willets Point plan.

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