Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mark Twain's CT house in jeopardy

I would buy this house if I had the money. How cool...and sad.

...the fanciful, three-story confection that was built by Mark Twain in 1874 at the height of his success may be forced to close because it is running out of money.

This Time, Rumors of Demise May Be True

Though the staff had already been reduced to 17, from 49, the organization formally known as the Mark Twain House and Museum says it is having trouble meeting its payroll and paying suppliers. Unless salvation — in the face of a corporation, foundation, government group or other deep-pocketed benefactor — unexpectedly walks through the door, cash will run out in three to four weeks.


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't sell off the Tiffany Studios commissioned window
to pay operating expenses.

It was interestingly placed above the fireplace....
with the chimney flue pipes diverted around it...
so one could enjoy a view of the blazing hearth and the art glass at the same time.

Watch some Russian mobster
put in a bid for this uniquely American author/humorist's home.

We'd sell our own parents to foreigners for the right price.

I fear that our country is already on its path of decline.

Hello fallen Roman Empire.
Goodbye national pride and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there any pork-barrel money that can pay for this little-known museum? Isn't the Twain House more important than some cheese museum or Punxutawney Phil?

Anonymous said...

Maybe QHS can run it into the ground a hell of a lot quicker!

Anonymous said...

I know....
hire an "ethnic" executive director and offer "salsa concerts"
under the portico!

Con gusto!

Then there'll be funding-a-plenty

Anonymous said...

Maybe Helen Marshall and Little Brat Bloomberg can have it turned into a 40 story luxury condo built by illegal unskilled labor made of toxic stucco with terraces overlooking the 1 family homes in the area.

Just a suggestion...