Sunday, June 1, 2008

Manhattan sounds like Queens these days

Turtle Bay is just one neighborhood under siege by foreign real-estate moguls building artless, tacky buildings with Chinese money to sell to Europeans, Chinese, Russians and Middle Easterners - the only ones, with the exception of Michael Bloomberg, who can still afford to buy in Manhattan.

Yes, kids, the Russians and Chinese are coming - but they're coming with checkbooks, not bombs - even though the effect is the same: destruction of neighborhoods by big-bucks bullies.


I'm sick with worry because they don't use union workers. I've complained about the weekend construction, the after-hours construction, the scaffold that leaks into puddles the size of wading pools. And that's just one building.

Almost every single block on Second Avenue between 53rd and 46th has a monster high-rise either under construction or shuttered because of the crane accident. It's like living in Fallujah.


Anonymous said...

As we have said many many times: what happens in Queens, unlike Las Vegas, does not stay in Queens, but spills over into Manhattan.

Here they hone their methods on us with full knowledge that the clubhouse, with a compliant press and an all but non-existant local presevation community that will stand up to the machine lets them have their way.

They have been crapping on Queens for years while the Manhattan presevation community is looking to wrangle a few thousand out of Bloomberg and spending all their attention to the 'sceptured isle'.

Well guess what, morons. Shit rolls downhill. You had better wise up and wake up or your community will look like Long Island City or Dutch Kills or Williamsburg.

We need a new citywide grassroots preservation effort WITH SOME NEW FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang wrote the Bible on shady, shoddy building practices.

Every builder in NYC ran out and bought a copy of his handbook....eagerly reading a chapter every night!

Welcome to "Queensworld" where you snooty Manhattanites can now boil in the same oil along with us less privileged!

Anonymous said...


"We need a new citywide grassroots preservation effort WITH SOME NEW FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I totally agree. The old faces haven't accomplished much. That last Queens Civic Congress rally in front of Queens Borough Hall was a joke. Who did they plan that rally for in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday - the elderly?
Bearak and the other civic leaders need to get off their behinds and organize some REAL protests.

And another thing.....
To the people at the rallies, stop smiling for the cameras. You are supposed to look pissed!

Taxpayer said...

Now that it's happening in her neighborhood, Stasi takes note.

Too bad, Stasi. You should have been paying attention a long time ago!

Screw her. Let her take care of her problems with the help of the Commissar!