Friday, June 6, 2008

Luxurious and effluent

All Ways New York has photos of the progress of condo construction at Flushing's Sky View Parc.

Here's an excerpt from a report on CB3's website about odors in the Bay:

Philip also addressed the issue of odors in the Inner Bay, the result of CSO discharges. He showed a map of the concentrations of Clostridium perfringens, a bacterium associated with sewage pollution. A member of the public asked whether concentration of bacteria alone accounted for odor. Philip specified that low and high tide conditions as well as air and water temperature levels contributed to odor.

Tee hee!


Anonymous said...

Lack of infrastructure: check

Smelly tide: check

Busy highway: check

Brownfields: check

Flood zone: check

Tweeded slum: check

Teeming tweeded slum: check

Yes, it is indeed the most spectacular building project in Queens today (fine with us if they want to rename Queens West as Mahattan East)

Anything anymore associated with the name 'Queens' is the kiss of death.

Thank you clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Waterfront housing: luxurious and effluent.

Brilliant, Crap, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The only people buying there will be Asians, so I am not too sure it will be any different than their homelands fill with pollution. SARS mask anymone?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Flushing.
Whatever goes down the toilet winds up in the creek!

"Affluence and effluence"
should become Muss' PR line to sell his Sky View Park "luxury" units!

Alan said...

Here is a link to the NYC Department of Buildings website for that address. I was checking the certificates of occupancy and came up with these pdf's. Any questions???

Anonymous said...

This city will either become tokyo at best,probably like calcutta.You can't put 5 quarts into a gallon container!!!!!