Thursday, June 12, 2008

Look out below!

A chunk of masonry - weighing 40 to 50 pounds, witnesses claim - fell from the upper floors of a 25-story co-op at 45 Tudor City Place at around noon and caved in the hood of a brand new parked BMW.


The Department of Buildings said crews from East Coast Restoration and Consulting Corp. of Manhattan were repairing the façade, when a piece of decorative terracotta fell.

Residents at the address, just south of the United Nations, have made prior complaints, the latest being April 22. It said work on a façade was causing scaffolding to "bang against [a woman's] window and that her window is not protected," according to the department's Web site.

But the department, which said the matter was "resolved," noted "no scaffold [was] found hitting window, no debris falling at the time of inspection."


Taxpayer said...

Does DOB manage its budget by conducting Remote "Inspection"? A technique whereby no inspector needs to visit the site?

All it takes is a data entry clerk to type in a variety of "observations" and "resolutions" to wrap up complaints.

Then, after someone is killed, simply announce that nothing in any prior "inspection" "observed" anything specified in a complaint.

So, we are to believe that this chunk of stone was dislodged and fell because someone sneezed?

Anonymous said...

Put out an all points bulletin to world travelers desiring to visit the "big apple" this summer!

"Chicken Little" was right....the sky is falling!

We wouldn't want to feel responsible for any tourist getting suddenly "brained" right in the midst of sucking up his last drop of frozen latte at a sidewalk cafe!

How about paying for issuing hard hats with the "I love New York" Mayor Mike?

C''re a philanthropist.
The hell if it embarrasses DOB!