Sunday, June 15, 2008

Imitation crap

From Hoover Factory, we get our "Just desserts": You’re in Queens, home of the shameless knockoff, baby! Fake gourmet ice cream.
Yeah, QC found one on Metropolitan and Cooper Aves, too. A fake Starbucks...and they can't spell!


Anonymous said...

Like Kennedy Fried Chicken and Queensmarks, second rate knockoffs of the real thing?

Taxpayer said...

You know, there is a great upside to these fakes.

They attract the ignorant riffraff and keep them away from the normal, appealing little coffee and treats shops scattered all over Queens.

So, don't be too quick to let the undesirables know where to avoid.

Anonymous said...

We espied another ESparks (how is that pronounced?)on Myrtle Ave., around 64 St., under construction. Anyone have any background on this outfit?

Anonymous said...

Not only do they ripoff Starbucks, they rip off Pinkberry frozen yogurt with their stupidly named Parkberry.

I'll never understand how anyone can present themselves on a website without proof reading the contents. The name and menu has an ESL sound about it. Starbucks is named after a coffee drinking character in Moby Dick, what the hell does Esparks mean?

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

That ESPARKS place is going to close down so quickly. It's in the middle of nowhere! The two nearest businesses are the used furniture store across the street and appliance place around the corner. Are they hoping that people are going to stop in for an espresso after they buy a dishwasher? Maybe some folks will come in after a service at St. Johns.

I'm guessing they were hoping that they might get some business from the people shopping at Trader Joe's (and maybe Atlas Mall?), but they have they have no parking, and I can't imagine anybody will bother crossing Woodhaven Blvd. to get to some second rate Starbucks anyway.

I also miss the Budweiser sign that was painted on the wall above this place, but I'm guessing the people who took over the beer warehouse that used to be around the corner are responsible for painting over it.

daveednyc said...

The Esparks in Astoria, on Steinway, closed after being open for only around a year.

Anonymous said...

The country is in the midst of a sub-prime mortgage collapse
(with all of its grim financial ramifications affecting all of us)
and the average "Joe"
is worried about stuffing his face
with $3+ ice cream cones and over-priced lattes!

Only in America!

The rich get richer and the stupid attain new intellectual lows!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Marx (not Groucho)
was right after all.

Bourgeois, decadent, capitalists!

Anonymous said...

All the oriental developers are giving money to their children, and they end up opening these cheap rip-offs.

Just like they rip off clothing and software in their homeland, they come here and rip off chain stores here (and pinkberry is a cheap rip-off of Tasti D-Lite)

Anonymous said...

ok-- I looked at the website, too, awhile back and groaned at the typos-- but we were driving by a few Sundays ago and stopped in-- my husband-- a Starbucks latte fanatic (not me-- I can't get past paying $4 for a cup of coffee with milk)-- said the latte was really good. Our kids wanted some yogurt-- and that was very good, too-- it was tangy-- like frozen yogurt used to be. I wish them well-- no matter what, it takes guts to open up a coffee shop in this economy,