Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here's something we need: More luxury condos!

Because word hasn't gotten to Kew Gardens yet that condos are being converted into rentals...

Queens' Classic starts sales


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Rube Goldberg idea for a gunboat.

Anonymous said...

where is this place in kew gardens?

Anonymous said...

Naw, a Monty Python stage set for that little ditty in one of their moves where accountants became pirates

".... we sail upon the Accountant- Sea ... "

Anonymous said...

kew gardens road between 83rd drive and 84th ave

Anonymous said...

Great if you want to drop anchor in Manila Bay:

Anonymous said...

Ready to sail the Seas of Cheese !!

Anonymous said...

Since so much of new construction will be built in flood zones, the firm has many new commissions. The innovative and unique ship inspired design has opened the flood gates (pun intended) to all sorts of possibilties.

Other comments are solicited ..

This is a proposal for the Rockaways. Note the ability to float away during a storm and set up shop just outside of those pesky zoning regulations:

The folks over at Silvercup, like so much new development, will be built in a flood zone. Here they unveil their new project. This is a view of their 30 foot wide ‘public access:’

Here we see Suna inspecting his project after a Cat 5 hurricane. As they say in the military when something gets wrecked, "send it back to the taxpayers":

The Atlantic Yards gets an update with this nifty floatable design that can be shifted from place to place with changes in zoning:

A few local developers based in Corona get into the act. Took 5 years to be built and not a tree in sight. Painting and maintenance also optional:

Looks like the USS Astoria during the brownout a few years ago:

The Burkarins, a machine favorite, gets into the act with their proposal for housing off Brighton Beach:

Anonymous said...

You guys are a riot.

But remember, when it comes to developers, you have to be SERIOUS!

They HELP the economy, they PROVIDE jobs, they FURNISH housing, hell, they are the best thing since, well what?

The politicans love 'em. The newspapaers love 'em. The urban planning schools love 'em.

Hell, even the mainline preservation community loves them.

What is there to hate?

Anonymous said...

These are built atop an existing building on Kew Gardens Road (opposite the cemetery). They aren't hideous--despite the image--but they ARE small, and in a neighborhood where the average one bedroom is 1000 sf.

For hideous, take a picture of the pile of crap on Cuthbert Road, just off Lefferts. It's got 21 units of crap, as well.

Anonymous said...

It looks like something that would fit in Bombay or Calcutta.

The outfit who designed it is called Kanali.

Anonymous said...

No, the name is Kamali - the same character who is building the dorm for St. John's in Jamaica Estates.