Friday, June 13, 2008

Diane doin' time

Diane M. Gordon, the former state assemblywoman from Brooklyn who was convicted of helping a developer acquire city-owned land in exchange for building her a house in a gated community in Queens, was sentenced today to between two and six years in prison.

Ex-Assemblywoman Is Sentenced to 2 to 6 Years

But Justice McCann, calling the hearing “the saddest situation in which I have ever had to sentence someone,” said Ms. Gordon’s crimes were an “outrageous breach of trust.”


Anonymous said...

Throw her in with "general pop".

A good dose of "love making" by a team of tough prison bull-dykes will demonstrate to her what a "breach of trust" really feels like when you're the one that's on the receiving end!

Anonymous said...


I feel a song coming on.

"Diane, the new dynamic diesel-dike
of cell block D".

Anonymous said...

Maybe her McMansion can be turned into a brothel for all the corrupt politicians here to replace the Spitzer Spit And Shine Palace.

We won't tell...

Taxpayer said...

She should write a book describing her day-to-day experience in prison.

It just might be a best seller for all the other crooked politicians she's leaving behind.

Speaking of "leaving behind" enjoy the other ladies Diane!