Thursday, June 19, 2008

The crappification of the South Street Seaport

These renderings, courtesy of Curbed, show what is being proposed for the South Street Seaport. They basically want to push a landmarked 19th century building to the end of Pier 17 (wise move) and build crap.
Here's all you need to know:

A SHoP Architects-designed 42-story apartment and hotel tower wrapped in terra-cotta would rise from new pilings in the East River.

If you like torture, visit the developer's website.


Anonymous said...

Who cares?
Let Manhattan take its ugly lumps!

Maybe it'll fall down and crush the "Wavertree" or "Peking" or the other
vintage vessels berthed there.

(Hopefully nobody will be on board
if it should happen).

Joe said...

What is that other P.O.S "structure" in the photo ?
It looks like a Saturn booster test pad from NASA

Joe said...

(Hopefully nobody will be on board
if it should happen).

Let it happen the people on those boats and docks are criminal garbage.
...Somthings not right

I tried to drop somebody off on the dock there in a 27 foot power boat.

These forener dirtbags dressed like homeless people all came running out (of those boats) cursing at us in some weird latin Euro-English.
They claimed they owned the boats and the dock and started shooting us with a high pressure firehose flooding our cockpit.

We called the Coast Guard what they did was totally illegel !! However the CG was told to "lay off them"

They told us the sea port and public dock is now privatly owned leased retail space like Mystic

---This was pre 911 BTW
That "seaport" is a faux !!

Chunk said...

there already a shitty mall there. crappification is already well underway.

loyal citizen said...

At least the exterior of the mall blends in harmoniously with the seaport's historic character, and offers interesting shops and restaurants with roof decks to lay outside & appreciate the views.

The renderings are a slap in the face. They have a nerve to state: "Beautiful and architecturally unique, the boutique hotel will integrate into the overall design of the new Seaport’s master plan and honor the history of the neighborhood."