Thursday, June 26, 2008

Courtesy, professionalism, respect

"OK.. my friend lives on 82nd Street at the corner of 60th Drive in Middle Village. He was approached last week by one of his neighbors (of Polish decent) who lives on 60th Drive between 82nd and 83rd Streets - his backyard faces the backyards of Harry's Hardware and Kelly's Bar. The neighbor recently installed security cameras due to the MULTIPLE break-ins to these businesses.

Last week at 5:15pm, in broad day light (and it's on VIDEO!)... a Hispanic man, in his late 40's, balding in the front with some what of a ponytail, wearing a HOME DEPOT work shirt, rides up on his bicycle.. gets off.. looks around... as if TIME IS OF NO ESSENCE.. and tries to jimmy the back gate open (of another Polish person's home)..he steals the bicycle from the backyard, and rides off.. and then leaves the bike that he rode up on behind.

The Polish man called the police to report the "crime" as this is a crime... trespassing, breaking and entering, and theft.

The 104th responded to call, took the report, and when the Polish man asked for them to watch the video, the responding officers "had no interest".

They didn't want a copy of the video on disc nor, did they want to see what the gentleman looked liked in case he matched the description of crimes of this nature...

"We dont need it" .. The responding officers-.stated something to the effect.. maybe "if the detective wants to see it"...

They left and never came back for the video, nor has anyone contacted the Polish family.

Now, my point is this... WHY DOESN'T ANYONE GO THE EXTRA MILE? WHY? Can this be the person breaking into these businesses repeatedly?

Is this the same person that broke into Harry's and stole a Power Washer? Perhaps one of these business: Harry's, Kelly's or the Tobacco shop would recognize this person as being a local "patron"...

This Polish man told my friend that he was going to put it up on YOU TUBE to broadcast "BIKE THIEF.. BE ON THE LOOK OUT" for this person. Because our precinct is LAME - they have no INTEREST -

He also was thinking of generating fliers with this person's photo and posting them in local businesses. He has discs for anyone interested, so if you want one..I can put you in touch with him...

Neighbors are doing what they need to do to secure their homes and family... they turn to local police and what do they get? THEY GET CRAP.

Where the hell is our tax money going? We keep spending.. and securing... AND THE 104TH... JUST RIDES AROUND ALL DAY.. EATING BAGELS AND HASSLING YOUNG ATTRACTIVE WOMEN AROUND THE PARK... THEY GET A 911 CALL, THEY RESPOND.. AND HAVE NO INTEREST?" - anonymous

Well, this is an improvement - at least the cops showed up this time. Usual response from 104th Precinct: "Sorry, we're busy in Ridgewood."


Anonymous said...

Cops are directed to minimalize crime to improve precinct stats. It is citywide. It is a joke. But it allows tha Mayor to say that break ins are down 14(%). Cops, at the behest of precinct captains, are directed to minimize criminal acts and make them seem like nothing. THAT is the biggest crime in this city.

Nice to know that someone could break every bone in your face with a baseball bat and end up with a misdemeanor assault conviction.

And the precinct brags about its lower felony record.

Typical Bloomberg bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the victim post the pic or link to the video on this site. Maybe one of us can ID the thief and kick his butt.

Anonymous said...

I now eactly how this guy feels. - Last Friday nite at approx 10:30PM, I was home alone with my 2 kids, when i heard an unusual noise in the yard. It was a rustling/walking sound. For a good 5-7 minutes i kept hearing - afraid to go outside, I called 911 and told the operator I had a prolwer in the yard. At 12:15 the 104 squad car came. I could have been laying there and had my eyelids cut off. They said they "Just got the call". GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

let this dirtbag try and break into my house. after my dog bites his nuts off i will cave his skull in with a shovel

this is disturbung as i live a few blocks from harry's

my block is pretty good as we have 2 houses directly across the street with retirees who are working =on their lawns and outside all day keeping an eye out for dirtbags

as the economy slows these types of incidents will continue or get more frequent

do not let your guard down

as for the 104th pct i have no comment- but i am sure they are busy in ridgewood

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile bumbling bloomberg is busy gushing about a bunch of useless waterfalls, making sure life is great for rich guys in manhattan and tourists who could give two sh1ts.

faster340 said...

The problem here according to my brother in-law who is retired from the Police dept. (Emergency Services Unit) is that no one want's to be cop anymore. It's just become a JOB.

Being a cop IS GOING the extra mile for the people that you are protecting. Not just collecting a paycheck.

The stories my brother in-law told me about his fellow (chuckle) officers are totally shameful. This is what prompted him to retire early from the Police force. That and a major injury while on the job...

Being a cop is not just a job. They are here to protect and to serve the public. You want to serve yourself only. then become a greedy lawyer, real estate agent etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

the 104 pct is a joke the guys on patrol try there best bust the supervisors tell them what to do make it a lesser crime so it does not drive up tjhe crime stats. i have dealt with similiar situations when i called to get a copy of the report it was reported as just an information report this was after somebody attempted to break into my home on video after makin a stink and going to 1pp they change the report to attemmted burglary. i later discovered that the 104 is well known for not properly reporting so that when they go to community meetings they can spew out false numbers that crime is down , crime is not down just the true facts are not shown. we as tax payers should demand to our elected officials that all calls must be answered within a reasonable time if they can not put the manpower in place so it is done we deserve to feel safe in our own homes is that not why we pay taxes?

Taxpayer said...

"Last week at 5:15pm, in broad day light (and its on VIDEO!)... a Hispanic man, in his late 40's, balding in the front with some what of a ponytail, wearing a HOME DEPOT work shirt, ... "

Let's bet. I say the Hispanic man is likely an illegal alien, and Commissar Death and Taxes has ordered the police to skip arresting these types because it will upset the PR lying he's doing about how much we meed "immigrants". (people to kill for profits)

Mr. Angry said...

Put the video up. Flyer local businesses. The NYPD is not going to do a thing about this creep. Maybe someone on the street will catch him and take care of it...

Anonymous said...

Good. Encourage vigilantism & lynch mobs. Who's next on the hit list?

Anonymous said...

When the NYPD does not do its job, we have to resort to vigilantism!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a real change in attitute from the police in the past 10 years.

But recently? The general consensus is if you don't see or hear about a crime, it does't exist. So the numbers continue to drop as dirt noise drunkeness and the like fill our communities.

And yes, I think there was a big drop in crime a decade ago - as a result of smarter policing? - maybe also because birth control had unwanted feral kids not born and more prisons took the 10% that do 90% of the trouble off the streets.

Anonymous said...

Blow up a still shot of the guy and hang "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters on every streetlight and telephone pole. They'll get ripped down of course, but keep putting them up. That should keep him out of the nabe.

Also, has anyone tried looking for him at the Woodhaven blvd home depot?

Anonymous said...

Blow up a still shot of the guy and hang "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters on every streetlight and telephone pole. They'll get ripped down of course, but keep putting them up. That should keep him out of the nabe.

Also, has anyone tried looking for him at the Woodhaven blvd home depot?

-Joe said...

When I lived in Ridgewood in the 70 the 104 pct was known as "The retirement home".
Cops wont bust these hispanic males (on bicycles) because they know they are illegels. When ever they arrest & jail INS refuses to pick these squat monsters up unless they are wanted for murder or sex crimes.
I bike is petite larcony, they simply dont care---to much paperwork.

Buddy of mine got hit head on in Riverhead by one driving drunk, the guy had an unregestered pickup with dead N Carolina plates, no licence, no regestration. 5 of his buddy who were in the back of the truck ran into the woods.
They just gave this guy tickets and told my buddy the criminal will never be found and is likley on his way back to Mexico.

These people all have the same last names, RAMIREZ, GONZALEZ, HERNANDEZ, LOPEZ etc. and features.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Ackerman. Ms Schneps.
etc etc etc

Tweeding is important.

BTW, is this the sort of thing you see in your backyard?

Or, do you call me an 'Archie' and beignly smile and say I may have a voice, but no say?

Anonymous said...

let's just round up all the RAMIREZes, GONZALEZes, HERNANDEZes, LOPEZes and those with the same features (they all look alike don't you know) and "take care of them."

Anonymous said...

let's just round up all the RAMIREZes, GONZALEZes, HERNANDEZes, LOPEZes and those with the same features (they all look alike don't you know) and "take care of them."


Why would we do that? There is plenty of money to be made with these fellows!

Don't complain, work like a dog, and eat very very little.

Hell, more useful than a pet.

Anonymous said...

OK, so the the cops should all go out and lock up all these illegals on bikes eh? Well, never mind the little issue of actually having to have a crime for them to arrest the illegals for, let's say the local precinct has a "no tolerance initiative" on these guys. That's all the cops have to do and crime will suddenly end in Middle Village right?
Let's do this initiative on, say, a 4X12 tour in the 104. Any of you crimjinologists and armchair strategists know how many cops the 104 turns out on a normal 4X12 tour? Can't be many, because everyone complains that they never see a cop car on their block. Let's assume that in this time of limited manpower, the 104 actually manages to turn out 5 marked sector cars, plus a supervisor's car. Six cars equals eleven cops and one Sergeant. OK now, where shall we have them concentrate their manpower for this all outanti-crime wave? Well, let's put a few cars around Eliot Ave, considering the original poster's incident. Maybe they find the culprit in question with the Home Depot shirt. If so, great, lock his butt up. One cop takes that collar, ten cops left. Wait, someone is calling about a vehicle accident. Just one vehicle accident during a busy 4X12 tour? Amazing, but the sector should respond. But no injuries coming over the radio, so they don't have to get there right away, so they can concentrate on their neighborhood demanded sweep.
A couple of cars around Ridgewood, maybe one around Juniper Park (5-6 cars really don't spread very well around such a large area, do they? Anyway, they cops go out and between responding to family disputes, robberies, missing persons, false alarms, DOA's youth fights at after school programs, and performing car stops on people stupid enough to blow a red light or stop sign, or perform some kind of vehicle infraction blatently in front of a cop car. Wow, what did I forget? But don't worry, they will get those pesky illegal aliens who will just magically disappear after the cops arrest them, because the courts will of course automatically just deport any illegal aliens that the cops arrest, because the immigration laws are just that simple right? Right? Hello, right?
Anyway, back to the hunt. Ah what does this guy waving the cops down want? Directions? Information about fighting a summons he got 6 months ago? Someone yelled at him? Some other nonsense. Just give him what he wants Joe, we have to each make a collar.
Finnally, since the collars are so plentiful when the cops enforce every law on the books, the whole 4X12 tour marches back to Catalpa Avenue with their trophies. Won't the neighborhood love us now! Did they get the illegals? Maybe, but maybe they got stuck just locking up Joe citizen for some infraction that he just happened to perform in the course of the tour. Anyhoo, how many collars? Remember, there are just hundreds, thousands out there, just waiting with their arms out, waiting for the cuffs. Well, our heroes went out eleven strong, so let's say that with some extra mojo, each cop came in with 2 prisoners each, which brings our total to a whopping....22! Wow, Middle Village and Ridgewood and Glendale can all breathe a collective sigh of relief right? right? Yoo hoo, right? (continued)

Truman Harris said...

Hey I know that there aren't enough cops, they don't get paid enough, etc.


When they DO show up at the scene of a crime, they could at least collect the evidence.

Anonymous said...

little issue of actually having to have a CRIME for them to arrest the ILLEGALS for ....



They can't think this stuff up in Hollywood. You gotta love Queens.

Correction, with the clubhouse in control, its the Alice in Wonderland World of Queens.

Joe said...

Plenty of $$ to be made in Illegels? For who some mobsters construction firm ?

No way, these squat monsters cost us far more in services and qualiety of life and multiply like cockroaches.
Most are perverts, drunks, woman beaters, rapists
There females are always pregnant, fat and unhealthy. Hit a Wal-Mart like store on a Sunday and see for yourself

Hospitals are going bankrupt, police Pct's Schools courts are over run with them.

Last year I broke a wisdom tooth that got infected immeadietly.
I went to N Shore hospital and was told they could not treat (emergency extraction) me because when I filled out the paperwork I reported income tax (paid taxes)and, have medical insurence (however it does not cover dental).

If they treated me Medicaid would not pay them because I was a taxpayer and US citizen with health insurence

They just punched a drain hole in my gum, gave me a pain pill and told me "see a dentist" or 2 go to Mexico and come back into the country as an illegel, refuse to give a SS# and lie on the paperwork. They are then REQUIRED to treat me under the order of the goverment who picks up the whole tab.

They billed my health insurence $800 for that !

Anonymous said...


OK, here we are at the fighting 104. Damn, the house is packed with cops and prisoners, the desk officer is pulling out what is left of his hair, lodging in 22 prisoners, while making log entries, and answering calls from the Boro HQ, Operations Downtown, the CO and XO wanting to know how many collars/summonses etc the day tour had etc etc. Then the politicians and community paople call. My friend/brother/ etc got locked up/ got a summons/ got looked at the wrong way blah blah blah. Now on to all these arrests.
OK so if we take the liberty of assuming all these arrests were made in about 2-3 hours, let's put the current time at around 6-7 PM. Twenty two arrests in the house, with eleven arresting officers, what is next? Well, on tv, the cops usually just drop off the prisoners and some magical cop just appears from the back and whisks them off into the back cells, no fuss no muss, and the five sectors just run back out to their sector cars to hunt down they next 22 law violators right?
Whoa hard chargers, get back inside. This isn't tv police work, now comes the real fun, the part of police work that NYPD Blue, Law and Order, CSI all conveniently gloss over; the prisoner proscessing. Contrary to polular belies, the bad guys aren't autimatically whisked away by magic elves and autimatically transported to the courthouse. Now comes the proscessing of every individual prisoner. Depending on how mauch property and evidence there may be, vouchers must be printed out, money must be counted, about 10 logs must be filled out, each with the same redundant information, booking sheets must be entered on a computer that may or may not work, and which requires a password that one, maybe one person in the station house may or may not have, providing that person is working tonight. If not, tough officer. OK, so all the arrests have been entered into the booking system and have their all important arrest #'s. After finally finding a working password and dealing with a horribly maintained computer that freezes, boots off and just goes so painfully slow, let's say the booking of all prisoners takes about two hours, conservatively speaking of course. But wait, we are on the civilian version of magical police time, so let's shrink that conservative time estimate to 5 minutes. Five minutes for all that work, how do the cop/elves do it?? But we really all know it took AT LEAST 2 hours, right?
Wait, the arresting officers aren't done yet. Fingerprint those prisoners officer, but don't do it the old fashioned way with ink, use this handy dandy 20 year old livescan machine that the NYPD was gracious enough to get for you from A. Another agency which upgraded to a newer model or B. the lowest bidding cointractor. OK officer, just print away, all 22. Oops, the machine isn't working, nobody has been maintaining it. OK, anyone knopw how to recalibrate this thing?? 20 minutes later, we are up and running. Now if anyone had a password for this livescan machine.
Another 5 minutes later (really an hour and a half, Jeez, do I get a meal tonight? I guess I will have to settle for a 3 Musketeers bar from the vending machine), all the prisoners have been printed, and we managed to get the computer and the camera running (yet another elusive password) for the picture on the movement slip. Can't go to Central Booking without the movement slip. Let's face it folks, by now, it is at least realistically around 9 or 10 PM. No cops on the street (what, no magic reservs, waiting in the wings??), the dispatcher is holding about 90 jobs, emergency and non-emergency, and everyone from the Boro to the politicians to the CO to Headquarters to just about anyone with a fariend or family member "on the job" as they say, is bothering the ts operator, who is by now just wishing his list number to Nassau, Suffolk or some other agency would come up, or the Desk Sergeant, who by now is wishing he never took the promotional exam, or is trying to figure out if he has enough time to retire yet. OK, Sgt, get some of these cops back on the street somehow, and after the prints come back from Albany (about a half hour for just ONE set of prints, Central Booking won't acept the prisoners otherwise), get these prisoners out of here.
OK, off to Central Booking with 22 prisoners and their arresting officers. How many cars/vans will THAT take up I wonder? On the way the convoy gets flagged down by someone waving wildly in the middle of the street. Can't stop with prisoners in the van. God forbid it is something serious and some enforcement must be taken and some innocent prisoner in the van cuffed and helpless gets hurt. Enjoy working in McDonalds Officer, I am sure your new salary will more than pay that lawsuit. Jeez, God forbid the cops have to get out and chase someone, do you really think those prisoners will just be sitting in the van waiting for them when they get back? Or will there be 22 cuffed guys running through the local streets, making good their escape? Oh well we have to pass this guy. Damn cops, wouldn't stop to give me diretions to Woodhaven Blvd.
Finall, back to Central Booking, the home of apathy, back stabbing and Murphy's law. Officer, take your prisoner to the hospital, he has sniffles. Officer, your prisoner doesn't seem coherent, take him for a psychological evaluation. Officer, I don't feel like looking up to see if you printed your prisoner, just reprint him here. No, I don't have the password.
OK they prisoners are all lodged in, back to the 104. No, sorry, no more arrests tonight, it is now a half hour past my end of tour and now I have to go back, draw up an affidavit, try to fing someone with yet another password for yet another computer, and with my vast legal expertise, write a legal document that the lawyers at the DA's office went to law school to learn. But hey, I have 6 months in the Police Academy, so I must know everything about the law right.
22 affidavits later, it is SOMEWHERE past 1230, and guess what? The ADA's all go home at 1230, so I won't have my affidavit approved until tomorrow. Now every arresting officer of the night, the entire 4x12 tour, has to do a day tour just so they can be grilled by an ADA, themselves so backlogged that it takes between 2 -10 hours to get back to you sometimes. Since some cops just completed their last tour of the week, they are now on overtime, belittled by their supervisors for this, despite the fact that the officer might not have been looking forward to this overtime, because they wanted to spend just one worry-free day with the kids.
I can't tell you how many minor issues I skipped over. Some I wrote may be worst case scenario, but I assure you that whatever I wrote isn't common, it is a very easily possible. But it is just that easy right? Just throw the cuffs on everyone and all our problems in the neighborhood will be solved.

Taxpayer said...

ANON said:
" ... Anyhoo, how many collars? Remember, there are just hundreds, thousands out there, just waiting with their arms out, waiting for the cuffs. Well, our heroes went out eleven strong, so let's say that with some extra mojo, each cop came in with 2 prisoners each, which brings our total to a whopping....22! Wow, Middle Village and Ridgewood and Glendale can all breathe a collective sigh of relief right? right? Yoo hoo, right? (continued)"

All your sneering babble really said is that the precinct needs more cops. On each shift. Every day. More cops - many, many more cops and more equipment. More equipment and more modern equipment.

More cops to arrest and lockup and deport (if illegal) repeatedly until the crime rate is back where it was in the 1940s.

Crime rate can't be like it was in the 1940s? Then how was the crime rate in the 1940s the way it was?

But, Mr. Sneering Anon, you seem to prefer that you get attacked first by some ignorant mugger, then get attacked again by the arrogant and ignorant Commissar Death and Taxes so he can appear to be as good as Giuliani.

Really, the rest of us prefer service for the taxes we pay. Oh, yes, we do pay for police service. We do, anyway. Maybe you don't.

Anonymous said...

Being a cop IS GOING the extra mile for the people that you are protecting. Not just collecting a paycheck.
The sops involved in the Sean Bell case were going the extra mile, and when they almost run over by a maniac in an out of control car, look where going the extra mile got them.
Police wook is multi-faceted. A cop is doing his job if he takes a report or just difuses a situation with his words or mere presence. It isn't all about arrests and chases. In this age of criminalizing cops, I wouldn't blame any cop for never going lights and sirens to ANY job ever again. You say it is more than a job, but when the shit hits the fan, noone in this city from the mayor down will ever excuse a cop who screws up, just because he thought of his JOB as something more, a calling, a noble crusade, whatever. It SHOULD be more than a job, it SHOULD be a noble profession, it SHOULD be alot of wonderful things. Cops are held to a higher standard blah blah blah, yet paid and treated like civil servants. They are expected to be something better than everyone else when it suits us, yet we treat them like uniformed blue collar lackeys when THAT suits us.

Anonymous said...

You are the epitomy of my gruipe, the whiny citizen who gripes about not getting services for their taxes. We are ALL taxpayers (visitors from South of the border and the general deadbeats excluded of course), and belive me, I couldn't be more concerned about the state of America, and of NYC, particularly Queens. I also couldn't be more concerned about the immigration problem and the increasing crime. The point of my so called rant was to point out the absurdity of placing so much blame on the cops, and by placing so much dependence in the to solve our every societal ill. There are plenty of other agencies in this city that can address many of out concerns, yet the police seem to be one of the very few who operate 24/7 and holidays, and are always accountable to a dispatching system that all but guarantees some kind of response. Yes, cops don't always make it to every job, and if you need to ask why, many reasons can be found in my so called babble. Are there lazy cops, stupid cops, inefficient, even corrupt cops? Don't get me started. Sit down with me over a beer one day and I will REALLY have a babble.
Listen, my main point is that the way the NYPD handles daily patrol routine is SEVERELY broken and outdated, and it needs to be fixed.In the meantime, the cop on the street, the foot soldier who has no direct line to the Police Commissioner or Mayor has to endure the brunt of complaints of the crumbling system that he has absolutely no power to repair. Morale is shot in the Police Dept, and people are bailing in droves. Recruitment is at an all time low. How many cops do you think, Queens and the 104 will get in the upcoming graduation class?
The solution to our problems do not rest solely on the NYPD. The politicians, jusges and lawyers have to do their share, a few other city and state agencies need to answer their phones and respond to the needs of the people a bit more, and we as the frustrated public have to shake them all awake and answer our needs. The Police Department is shrinking. A call to 911 just won't cut it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Crime rate can't be like it was in the 1940s? Then how was the crime rate in the 1940s the way it was?
Take some history/sociology/crimonology courses, and when you get the answer to your question, run for office.

CntrySigns said...

"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right"
Go to the precinct and ask for a detective. The people that scream the loudest down there get the most attention. Be in their faces, make it easier for them to take care of you than have you keep going down there. If you post this guys face and video he can sue you. The same way if someone falls while trying to break into your house can sue you. Tort Law in NY is nuts but until its changed the criminals have more rights than we do.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Guardian Angels? They're the city's most successful and popular vigilante force.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, the cops and Minutmen are in handcuffs as 3 word criminal animals run amuck on our streets.
:( its discusting !!!

I blame a lot of this crap on the church pushing "welcome the stranger" and guilt into GW Bush and all those senile old bible packers in Washington DC.

Last Thursday had to close the LIE westbound and wait for crime scene at exit 36This packed van of illegels crashed into the divider.

7 of them got run over (4 killed) and caused 8 more crashes attempting to flee the scene. One tried to climb the 15 foot wall (sound barrier) and fell.
The van was filled with Budwiser cans. Blood all over the roadway

Anonymous said...

But recently? The general consensus is if you don't see or hear about a crime, it does't exist. So the numbers continue to drop as dirt noise drunkeness and the like fill our communities.

Enforcement - is non-existent - crime or codes. Rebates are pulled off the tablet, taxes going up and the middle class jobs are vanishing quickly in this depression of an economy. The quality of life surrounding us has deterioated to point that in the next year or so we will be in the midst of a huge crime wave. Those of us whom need to sell our homes to flee will be stuck. Rich or poor will be the classes to benefit or survive. It going to be hell for the middle class in Queens...........
Maybe the Supreme court ruling on possesing firearms is not such a bad thing. Maybe investing in a buisness that installs iron windows and doors is the path to success or survival in the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Next time show up at the local precinct with ten dozen Dunkin Donut bonanza, 20 big gulp size cups of steaming hot java and you'll get a warmer reception from the commander.

This is a red-lined neighborhood nefarious business interests!

I'd call Internal Affairs
and let them kick those lazy indifferent cops in the ass!

Anonymous said...

Just to illustrate the different
level of city services that are delivered between red-lined and favored neighborhoods in Queens:

I live in the leafy northeast quadrant of our borough.

When I discovered a beer bottle and broken plastic table in my backyard
and phoned the police precinct
(not 911) telling them it wasn't critical but it might be part of a local pattern and I was just reporting it, they dispatched as patrol car in about 15 minutes!

See the vast inequity?

They were extremely courteous
and attentive. (Was I surprised).

Anonymous said...

There's a guy in my hood that has a sign on his front door that reads,
"Protected by .357 Magnum Security Services Inc."!

If the cops ain't gonna be so vigilant,this homeowner intends to be extremely watchful!

(From what I've been told, he has a current valid NYC pistol license).

It would make me feel very secure if I lived next door to him.

Anonymous said...

Your ".357" friend had better translate his sign into Spanish so that Jose can read it!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry.
The ".357" sign also includes a picture or a revolver muzzle pointed at the reader.

That's an international pictograph that anyone can decipher!

Anonymous said...

Not every hispanic is an illegal. All puerto ricans are legal. You all are ignorant if you think all hispanics in your nabes are illegal. I am white and hispanic and seen polish and italian people in the neighborhood do some of the most selfish and obnoxious things and these are same people who are up in arms when they see a black person waiting at the bus stop!

Middle Village idiots!

Anonymous said...

If "THEY" break in,
I'm gonna break their bones!

But I'll be glad to pay the freight to to send their
remains back to Palermo, San Juan,
Bogota, Stockholm, Oxford or wherever the f--k they hail from!

I'm extremely tolerant when it comes to matters of race or country of origin!

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted:

Typical Bloomberg bullshit.

Actually It started with that cousin fucker Guilliani

Anonymous said...

The 104th Police Precinct is as useless as "tits on a bull".

Anonymous said...

The 104th Police Precinct is as useless as "tits on a bull".

Anonymous said...

Well, living in Ridgewood, my only interaction with the 104 is the infamous 'Polish Cop' who rides along Fresh Pond and Forest and Metro looking for moving violations...

If there is 1 cop in a cruiser and he stops right behind you at a traffic light, he WILL be pulling you over when the light turns green... I've seen it happen about 50 times...

He got my gf for taking off her seatbelt in the passenger's seat while she was reaching for something in the back seat...