Monday, June 2, 2008

Council District 30 trivia

Which candidate in the council district 30 special election constantly boasts about their family ties but never mentions a sibling who was convicted of federal sex abuse charges and has an affinity for crack cocaine?

A) Elizabeth Crowley
B) Anthony Como
C) Charles Ober
D) Tom Ognibene

Stumped? Here - this will help you figure it out.

Yes, we have our very own Kennedy family values happening here in Queens County - another oversized political clan plagued by drugs, booze, extramarital affairs, sexual assault charges and really stupid judgment. No wonder the press loves them!


Anonymous said...

To say nothing about corruption of the democratic process that all but excludes the public from a voice in who their representative is?

Anonymous said...

Our local political dynasties also benefit from the stupid voters who keep reelecting them.

Taxpayer said...

Let's guess.

Dizzie Lizzie, when was the last time you visited your brother Francis on a visiting day?

You never visited?

What? And you portray yourself as coming from a very close-knit, loving family!

And, yet, you never boast of your brother Francis, convicted and sentenced and still serving time for raping a classmate at the Merchant Marine Academy. Why not?

The court documents tell a hair-raising story of this Francis Crowley overpowering this innocent woman in her room and raping her.

Yet, the family values, loving, affectionate, community minded Crowley bunch keep his story a secret.

No wonder this brainless trollop refused to identify Gallagher as the worst council member ever. Can't condemn rape, ya know.

Dizzie, tell us the story today. Do you think the voters are too stupid to understand?

Anonymous said...

The Crowley family was known throughout the community as by far the biggest lowlifes.

They looked dirty and one sibling had more behavioral troubles than the other. Who has 15 kids except trailer trash or backwoods hillbillies who don't know better?

I'm not surprised to see Francis convicted of rape. Elizabeth is not far behind.