Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Como ahead on paper ballots

From the Daily News:

30th CD Update - Como Up By 38 (Updated)

The paper ballots have been opened in the 30th CD special election, according to a source familiar with the proceedings, and Republican Anthony Como appears to have managed to hold on to his lead over Democrat Elizabeth Crowley.

The tally has gone up and down throughout the day - at one point, a mere 20 votes separated the two.

But the overall margin (machines plus paper ballots) at this point stands at 38 votes in Como's favor - unofficially speaking. The results have not yet been certified.

UPDATE: A city Board of Elections source sent the following paper ballot tally:

Como-85, Ognibene-78, Crowley-76, Ober-13, for the preliminary count;19 not considered (of 269). About 104 invalidated ballots will be considered. Como started w/ 29 lead

UPDATE 6/12/08: Crowley has reportedly conceded. So let's start thinking of a nickname for the new Councilman.

They're saying as Como goes, so goes Serf. Looks like you're in for another cliffhanger, old boy. Tee hee!


Anonymous said...

Como is not only claiming victory, but he's being hailed as royalty by the head of CB5 (at tonight's, June 11th, meeting).

Como gave a little speech thanking everybody there for voting for him. Umm...does he not recognize how close the election is/was, and that it's likely that there are people in the audience (and on the board...aren't Crowley's mom and one of her sisters members?) who did NOT vote for him? and that maybe it would have been better for him to address the group with more of a "let's put that close election behind us and work together as a team" kind of thing?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Como!!

Christina, eat yourself into a Coma!!!

Anonymous said...

"Fat Cheeks" Christina is a big fat slob.

Holden is a loser.

Tony "Tulips" ... is the next loser in JPCA.

Anonymous said...

"Fat Cheeks" Christina ... maybe you should look into a diet ...

"The shut your mouth you big fat pig diet"

You smelly fat pig .... take a shower once in awhile.

Taxpayer said...

Anon 2 & 3 are models of gracious supporters of Como. Perhaps they are the Rapist's leftover staffers?

Aren't you so proud to have retained them Como?

Great start, Como! True grace!

Anonymous said...

Why did the city spend 1,000,000 in election expenses including hundreds of thousand of dollars in matching funds to these bums if the election is going to be rerun this september.

It is amazing how the candidates, the public and the press said not a word.

Spend spend spend raise taxes

Anonymous said...

"Christina, eat yourself into a Coma!!!"

""Fat Cheeks" Christina is a big fat slob."

What losers you are for talking like that.

What the f*** do you people look like? I cringe thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....if he's gonna replace "Pinky" he needs a nickname that's equally as memorable!

"Porcofacccio" (Italian for "pig face" but check the spelling on that).

And if Crowley should come out ahead, "Dizzy Lizzy" will do just fine!

Anonymous said...

What a "KLASS" act "Fat Fingers" Tony
(cousin of "Jimmy Jowels) and "Pinky's" former staffers really are.

Now we can all look forward to intelligent governance from this scurvy ridden pirate crew!

Anonymous said...

Yeah....I guess this is what was meant by that crack about "wait until Como gets in".....a total Team's" original "Mr. T").

I'm not looking forward to four years of high school sophomores running their brand of student government!

Wait until "mozzarrella mouth"
introduces his first bill!

I wonder what the subject will be.

Banning all weight reduction facilities, gymnasiums and exercise salons so everybody can get as bulbous as he is (then Antonio wont stand out so "munch")!

Then again, there's that oversize ugly big house he's building.


Didn't somebody call it a "palazzo stu cazzo"....a perfect residence for a legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

They're gonna have to build a bigger chair to support his weight than they did for President Taft!

Maybe that chair will turn out to be one of his best supporters after his constituents have had enough of him after his four year term is completed.

Queens Crapper said...

If anyone still is wondering who is writing the hateful drivel that a 10-year old who got his Xbox taken away would say, it's former Councilman Dennis Gallagher. His hate blog generates no hits, so he has to post this stuff here. I love it. Just think how miserable he must be realizing that his wife left him and that his legacy in the area is that of a granny molester. Oh, yeah, and he's pink (because he drinks).

Anonymous said...

I don't envy Como's staffer who has the job of following behind him.

What if he should suddenly
"cut the cheese".


Anonymous said...

It's disgusting that Anthony Como is associating himself with that pig Gallagher. Will be great negative material for whoever runs against him this November.

Anonymous said...

Pinky's continuing motto is
"think drink"!

He's gonna fall off the edge some day and eventually wind up in jail
(at least in the drunk tank).

They won't welcome him as a "sexy" new "fish" in the penitentiary.
Have you seen his ugly ass recently?

Even Bubba says he's lost his shine.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the fat jokes.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't give that pink rapist computer privileges if he winds up in prison some day.

We'll have to listen to his moronic crap from behind bars.
Unless the warden pulls the plug on his modem.

Anonymous said...

Look at the candidate who's claiming victory....he's slobby looking....pure and simple.

It's Gallagher/Como who started posting all of this "fat" stuff.

If you can't take the heat Pinky, stay out of the kitchen.

(And that goes double for you Antonio)!

Anonymous said...

So what's "Pinky" doing for sex nowadays.....visiting "Dunkin Donuts"?

miss boston creme sugar sprinkled said...

Order a dozen donuts and get another dozen free.

(Ps-s-s-t....sounds like
somebody's graduated to groupies).

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, elected officials who choose to thrust themselves into the limelight should be prepared to take whatever arrows are slung their way.

Let's recap:

Christina: Helped save a church, has a loving family and is employed. People go up to her all the time and thank her for her dedication to the community.
Gallagher: Admitted to being an alcoholic and a granny abuser. Lost both his family and his job. People laugh at him behind his back and to his face.

I'd rather be Christina.

Anonymous said...

Voters in the 30th Council District rejected progress. They replaced one Neanderthal with another.

Anonymous said...

You go Queens Crapper!

Taxpayer said...

"Voters in the 30th Council District rejected progress. They replaced one Neanderthal with another."

It could be that an elephant replaced an elf.

Como, kiss Gallagher's ass. That's what Maltese, your other master has been doing.

Anonymous said...

What goes around certainly does come around, like you've just pointed out "Crapper"!

Gallagher isn't finished owning up to his bad karma just yet.

Stay tuned for his continuing descent into the abyss of his own bankrupt morality in the near future.

Are we bitter and unforgiving of this crooked raping bastard?


But to become a "good soul", we are taught not to wish bad things on bad people.

So we didn't wish the worst on Dennis Gallagher.


Anonymous said...

“If anyone still is wondering who is writing the hateful drivel that a 10-year old who got his Xbox taken away would say … “

Christina, when the drivel is about you yell it “hateful”, when you write it about someone else, you yell “Freedom of Speech”.

How is it to walk on both sides of the street (due to your moral corruption, not due to your fatness)?

Anonymous said...

That last comment had to be from a drunk!

Any guesses as to who?

It reveals a tone of slurred speech, spelling errors and omitted words.

Pour yourself some strong black coffee or have another drink and try and sleep it off.

you really need AA!

Anonymous said...

What a dirty little sandbox the Como/Pinky team insist on playing in.

It's strewn with political pee
and developers' doo-doo.

There's gotta be something wrong
with these two 'cause they love it so much!

But, after all,they've got similar addictions in common.

One over eats while the other drinks too much.

It's really very sad.

Anonymous said...

Not a druck, just typing on my cellphone ....

Unlike you Christina, I don't get to sit behind my desk "at work" and blog, so my cellphone will have to do until later ...

If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen!!

(And no you can't take a doggy bag)

Anonymous said...

No, you get Lynda Metzger to blog from work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and DOI is up her ass.

Christina Wilkinson said...

Is the best bomb you have fat jokes, Pinky? Oh, man. You need serious psychological help. Maybe your AA program can refer you to a therapist.

I feel sorry for your kids.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone will run on the Democratic side against Como in November (since Como must run for re-election). Hopefully the presidential race along with Addabbo's campaign against Maltese will bring out enough democrats to remove Como (and Maltese.. and Joe Bruno while we're at it).

Anonymous said...

Pinky's kids must be so embarrassed at the father they have. And what kind of example does he give them by doing what he did to that woman in his office and now posting more misogynistic attacks on a blog?

Anonymous said...

I was in complete disagreement with the position Christina took regarding this election. However, I would never denigrate her as an individual. We should respect her hard work and efforts on behalf of the community.

It's okay to disagree - tossing out childish insults is offensive and only done by individuals who are incapable of discussing the issues.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.... lets get back to the topic. Since Como has to run again in November to serve the additional year Gallagher would have served, does anyone have any ideas of who can run against Como in November? I don't live in the district.... but I'd prefer we get rid of any Republican from any office in Queens. I was thinking that if Ober and Crowley were both to run again, they would have to petition really soon since they would have to fight each other in the September 9th primary. According to the NYS Board of Elections, 900 signatures would be required on a petition that would need to be filed between July 7th and July 10th. Neither candidate has stated whether they will run again in November against Como. I hope someone runs against Como, as in 2005 Gallagher was allowed to run unopposed for re-election. Since many of the political groups I am active with are working on the Queens State Senate races (Padavan and Maltese) in November, lets knock out Como + Maltese (2 for 1 deal!).

Hows this idea... since it appears a lot of the Como lovers do not like Christina... lets draft her to run in november lol. Lets stick it to those Como lovers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley will probably try again. If the race is between just her and Como, hopefully she will lose by a mile and go away for good. As much as I think Como is not skilled enough for the job, he is clearly better than Crowley.

As for the presidential election, I would think the 30th district is more McCain territory than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Even on a cell phone I'd be able to properly spell "drunk" unless
that raping pink bastard can't face up to what he really is and subconsciously replaced the "n" with a "c".

"Druck"....maybe you meant "duck" as in ducking the issue that you're inebriated....oiled to the gills
"Mr. Pinkus"!

(You're a civilian now not a C.M.
so "Mr." will have to do).

Anonymous said...

my finger just slipped on my cell phone too (ha, ha).

Did I mistakingly type "Mr. Pinkus"?

It should have been "Mr. Pink-ass'!

Anonymous said...

You people need to get a life.