Thursday, June 5, 2008

City homicides jump 5% in 2008


The numbers of homicides and shootings across the city have continued to climb significantly this year, according to the latest batch of NYPD statistics.

Through June 1, 200 people have been slain across the five boroughs in 2008, compared with 190 during the same period in 2007 - a 5.2% increase.

The uptick in the number of shootings is more startling: So far this year, there have been 538 documented shooting incidents, compared with 492 over the same period a year ago - a whopping 9.3% jump.

Among the precincts showing the biggest jumps in violent crime is the 28th Precinct in Harlem, where six teenagers were shot on Memorial Day after enjoying a barbecue in Marcus Garvey Park.

The NYPD closed out last year with 496 murders, the fewest number of homicides in more than four decades. Overall crime fell 6% last year, and it is down an additional 2.98% this year, according to Police Department records.


Anonymous said...

It seems that we are on that same slippery slope that we were on in the 1970s... It will start off with an overall increase in homicides from last year. Sounds just like the end of the 1960s: idiot mayor who sucks up all the city money and almost drives us bankrupt in 1975... idiot politicians, poorly maintained police force, large government projects... Back to the future, guys!

Taxpayer said...

Who hatchets the police pay? Commissar Death.

Who hatchets the staffing levels of the NYPD? Commissar Death.

Who surrounds himself with fully armed taxpayer funded security 24/7/365 - even when he flees the city to Bermuda? Commissar Death.

Who couldn't care less about the rising crime/homicide rate? Commissar Death.

Who do we have to get rid of ASAP? Commissar Death!

Anonymous said...

Build more glass condo towers, that ought to bring the crime level down, or at least give the tourists the illusion of a safer, sexier city.

Anonymous said...

You can't pay the police security guard wages.The city isn't getting people that want to be cops,they're getting people that want a job.Less police+ more peple living in the city = crime.