Sunday, June 15, 2008

Caffe owes lots of green

The Parks Department is seeking a new operator for a high-grossing restaurant and banquet hall in Queens after a scathing audit by Comptroller Bill Thompson questioned whether the current operator was reporting all its revenues, officials said yesterday.


Thompson's auditors determined the eatery owes the city $120,607 in additional license fees and late penalties for 2006 and 2007.

But the auditors said they were far more disturbed by the shoddy bookkeeping. Five of 12 guest checks were "not correctly reported on point-of-sales contracts," while 23 of 66 banquets "had at least one recording irregularity," according to the audit.

Parks officials said they're going to recoup the entire $120,607 and are also looking for a new restaurateur.

The Bayside operation takes in nearly $5 million a year.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Caffe On the Green in a case a few years ago where some Asian customers were insulted and denied service...

Anonymous said...

Where are the Italian community leaders to condemn the mobsters in their midst?

Anonymous said...

Are you kiddin'?

All those mobsters live in Malba/Beechurst vicinity!

Still, they make the best
batch of Calamari I've ever eaten.

And why's the Holy Grail
of Sicilian cookery!

Anonymous said...

At least in an Italian (mob run?)
restaurant unruly customers won't wind being served in the sauce.
(Sausage is another matter).

and what are you taking home in your Chinese take-out ?