Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bush signs immigration order

President Bush has signed an executive order requiring contractors and others who do business with the federal government to make sure their employees can legally work in the U.S.

Bush orders contractors to check legal status of employees

Bush signed the order Friday and the White House announced it Monday.

The order says federal departments and agencies must require contractors to use an electronic system to verify that the workers are eligible to work in the U.S.

Homeland Security operates the Web-based E-Verify system, which Chertoff said 1,000 employers a week are signing up to use. The system allows employers to check Social Security numbers provided by employees. The order would affect hundreds of thousands of workers, at the least, and potentially millions, Chertoff said.

Bush's order is aimed at cracking down on hiring of illegal immigrants. But people who overstayed visas or came to the country legally but do not have permission to work, such as some students or those awaiting work permits, also could be snagged with the system.


Taxpayer said...

Very little. Very late.

A start. Nothing to brag about.

Let's see the results.

The next president can sign another executive order repealing this one and flooding the workplace will more illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

A tiny long overdue step.

Close our borders to illegals!

(No doubt we'll be hearing from
our NYU "graduate" student "Salvatore" soon).

CntrySigns said...

I guess I'm surprised that this isn't a law already. If you hire someone aren't you required to pay Social Security and un-employment?

Anonymous said...

Oh, cannot wait for this to be reviewed by the Queens weeklies.

They will be frothing at the mouth.

How dare anyone interfer with the process of governing, whoops, slip of the fingers, I mean tweeding.