Friday, June 13, 2008

Bobby in double trouble

Administrative charges have been filed against Robert M. Scarano Jr., an architect who built his career during Brooklyn’s construction boom, alleging that he made false or misleading statements on applications submitted to the Buildings Department in connection with two projects in Greenpoint, the authorities announced on Thursday.

Under a state new law, Mr. Scarano was charged with knowingly or negligently filing false or misleading documents with the Buildings Department and displaying negligence, incompetence or lack of knowledge with regard to building and zoning regulations. The law allows the buildings commissioner to exclude licensed architects from filing applications for permits if they are found to have knowingly or negligently submitted false documents. Mr. Scarano may respond to the charges and present a defense to an administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Tribunals and Hearings.

City Takes Action Against Brooklyn Architect

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

It's about time that somebody slap the chrome bracelets on (sh-h-h-h...
the mafia's) favorite "architect"!

Maybe he'll be forced to put up his hairpiece on "e-bay" to help defray his legal defense costs.

I hear that Donald Trump is interested in disposing of his old dead Muskrat look and acquiring Bobby's rug!

Look out for cooties!

Anonymous said...

Can we please flush this guy and his architectual vision down the toilet??

Anonymous said...

"somebody slap the chrome bracelets on (sh-h-h-h...
the mafia's) favorite "architect"!"

no need to insult the mafia by associating them with scarano. most mafiaosos have at least some taste. even those gaudy mobster palaces in howard beach look a lot better than Scarano's sheet metal boxes of crap.

Anonymous said...

If you ever wanted to see the face of a greedy bastard, here we have it.

Anonymous said...

The plural of mafioso is mafiosi not mafiosos.

Have you taken a good look at Malba to witness the level of "good taste"
mafia dons are capable of commissioning from their chosen "architects"?

Go back to school "chitrool"
(slang term for a cucumber or some other phallic shape).

Anonymous said...

This POS has destroyed so many lives (he even stooped so low as to cause an infirmed senior citizen to be placed in a nursing home because he falsified building documents wich vouched for the safety of the building next door) he should be brought up on charges and sent to prison.