Sunday, April 6, 2008

St. Saviour's in the Sunday Times

Mr. Holden, a tall, gray-haired 56-year-old who sees history where others see mundane warehouses and homes, toured the muddy grounds of St. Saviour’s on a recent rainy afternoon. Remnants of the church’s interior lay in a heap. Mr. Holden pointed his umbrella at areas of historical interest beyond the church grounds, among them the home owned by James Maurice, a 19th-century congressman, now covered with white aluminum siding and sprouting a few television satellites. Past a lumberyard across the street from the church, he pointed toward what he said was a Colonial burial ground turned into a parking lot. “There’s no respect for the history here,” he said, adding, “Queens is so disrespected.”

For a Church Bathed in History, a Last-Minute Miracle


Anonymous said...

OMG a Times reporter that actually writes about Queens like he's interested in the story! He won't last long there...

NYT editor said...

I told this guy to include the words "diverse" "multicultural" and "vibrant" in his stories. I am going to have to have a serious talk with him.

Anonymous said...


I hope you spit your coffee
all over your edition of
the Sunday Times when you read this!

The LPC (Lazy Partners in Crime)
has just been unmasked in their favorite newspaper of record!

Taxpayer said...

I guess we have to thank Commissar Bloomberg for his help in saving this church. And for having Maspeth get a park right in the middle of this neighborhood!

Also, thanks to Dipshit Parvizi for all she accomplished to prompt Bloomberg to finally see the light!

You are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

And what about Jennifer Manley who we all thought would be on our side, after working with preservationists for her Queens Chronicle stories?