Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mighty John Young gets bodyslammed

Angry civic leaders and frustrated residents shouted and groaned their way through a meeting on Queens zoning on Monday night.

Civic Leaders Impatient For Zoning Resolution

John Young, Queens director of the Department of City Planning, added his name to a long list of city officials who have faced hostile groups of residents over community facilities, sewage infrastructure, and zoning in the past year.

Monday’s forum, hosted by the Queens Civic Congress, was attended by the borough’s best known and most active civic leaders.

Young told the meeting that his department hears the residents’ concern and is working as fast as it can to complete the rezoning.

This statement served to increase tension rather than diffuse it, because many community activists present felt that they had heard this before.


Anonymous said...

Working "fast"....
you gotta be kidding Mr. Young!

The NYC Dept. of City Plotting
has been in the slo/mo position
from day one with regards to
down zoning neighborhoods!

Young intends to keep his job
by complying with Bloomberg's slow down wishes and is not about to push the fast forward button!

Anonymous said...

blame mayor mike gloomberg for queens' plight. mighty joe young is just a stooge for the phony socialite commissioner amanda "she is a" burden.
young is certainly overwhelmed but also lacks the backbone to get queens' fair share.

Anonymous said...

Remember, keep the mike away from him - he just burns up valuable time.

Let him sit there and hear the complaints, then get after the papers to report it correctly.

Anonymous said...

he certainly moved fast enough on jamaica up-zoning.

Anonymous said...

"he certainly moved fast enough on jamaica up-zoning"

Yes because he had his marching orders from Amanda who gets direction from Bloomberg.

John Young is nothing but Amanda's errand boy.

Anonymous said...

John Young is very comfy with Akerman Senterfitt LLP, lobbyists retained by big-time developers.