Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seeing some good signs in Richmond Hill

For the past few years, though, both the Richmond Hill Historical Society and the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society have been busy mining both neighborhoods' rich histories and marked several buildings and even a few cemeteries with brand new signage, traditional blue and gold in Woodhaven and brown and gold in Richmond Hill.

Good Signs


Anonymous said...

I know, you've got to "educate"
the public on your rich history
(YAWN)and making waves burns bridges with your politicians!

Meanwhile "the Hun"(developer)
is at your gates with bloody babes skewered upon their bayonets about to toss them into the flames.

A little too graphic for your tastes RH residents?

And signage is your answer
to the plunder that's occurring?

I'd be sharpening my sword and loading shot into my musket.....
picketing LPC at their doorstep for ignoring your neighborhood etc. !

These pretty markers are just another variant of the ineffectual"Queensmark".

They'll do nothing in the short run as you watch your history perish.



Anything else is a waste of time and indicative of the fact that you've been a captive too long and are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome!

Anonymous said...

We tried something like this in our community. Get lots of calls from developers and when we pitch this they have no interest in supporting the public's efforts to learn about and to respect their community.

No, the developers just want to know if the stained glass windows is a building they are about to demolish are worth something.

ken said...

think it's a neat idea. Whenever I happen on one of these signs I always give it a read. Wonder if the historical society is doing this, though, in hopes of getting the LPC to notice the buildings and landmark them? Good luck to them if that's the case. They'll need it!

Anonymous said...

That's a very nice thought for a civilized world "Ken".....
but this is a bloody battlefield
and the developers
aren't taking any prisoners.

So go off and learn yourself
some REAL useful war skills,
or start praying for the mounting architectural casualties.

Don't become part of the problem.

If and when the public finally gets educated enough to appreciate historic homes....they will history

Anonymous said...

I think that Nancy & Co.
are into the wishful thinking mode.

I really feel for their hard work
but the "ethnicities"
that are beginning to advance
upon their nabe are going to determine the quality of its new appearance.