Sunday, April 13, 2008

More DOT idiocy

What idiot at DOT was responsible for placing a Q28 west bound bus stop sign smack in the middle of the sidewalk?

If you're in a wheelchair, pushing a baby stroller (or extremely overweight)
how do you get by without first going out into the busy street?

A further sign of the times is the low level to which it has fallen,
along with DOT's service, I might add.

You'd have to be shoulder high to an ant to be able to read the schedule.

Its located on the northwest corner of 164th Street and Crocheron Ave. in the Broadway/Flushing neighborhood. - Verdi


Taxpayer said...

Business as usual for City agencies allowed to run wild by Bloomberg.

Now the moron wants a third term?

Let him run. It will be such a pleasure to watch him get sent back to Boston along with all his appointees.

Anonymous said...

That sidewalk is very narrow. I am shocked that it is located in the Broadway-Flushing area, which is usually known for its tree lined streets and wide sidewalks. What idiot designed this street?

rick said...

Hmmmm. I wonder. Is the sidewalk really that narrow, or has the property owner installed his fence on city property? That's happening more and more, and DOT refuses to enforce the laws against these violations of encroachment.

Anonymous said...

And Crocheron and its side streets, BTW, are now Fedders City

Anonymous said...

"Fedders City", as you call it,
is located south of Crocheron Ave.
and not in Broadway North.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Crocheron Ave.
was widened many years ago.....
accounting for the narrow width
of the sidewalk.

King of [Silent] Cartoons said...

I wait for the bus at this stop. The sidewalk has always been that narrow, at least in my 19 years of life. It IS bothersome for some people to navigate around the pole...and not to mention I have to bend over to read that schedule