Sunday, April 13, 2008

No more puffin' at Shea

This year, Mets security guards have been strictly enforcing the ballpark’s longstanding smoking ban for the first time in the stadium’s 44 seasons.

It's been 13 years since the city passed the Smoke-Free Air Act, which prohibited smoking in the seating areas at stadiums. Mayor Bloomberg extended it in 2002 to include nearly every other public place. But Mets fans still dragged at will on the pedestrian ramps at the edges of Shea, and no one bothered them.

The crackdown is an effort by the Mets to prepare fans for the move to the team’s sanitized new home, Citi Field, next season where smoking will not be permitted – at all.

Mr. Met Says: No Smoking!


Jason in Kew Gardens said...

I would understand if this were an effort to crack down on the tens of thousands of cigarette butts they must get after every game. But smoke free air? It's an outdoor stadium! Unless you're sitting near a small child, smoke away.

ken said...

the Mets new home is nearer to the chop shops, and contaminated soil. So maybe they're afraid the stadium will explode if somebody lights up.

Anonymous said...


Ha! Good one!

Anonymous said...

I am happy about this. If you want to suckthis crap into your lungs go do it in privacy and don't expose me to it.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Let the smokers go to New Jersey if they want to pollute the air around them.

Anonymous said...

And no more clutch hitting, either, based on the first 11 games.