Sunday, April 13, 2008

Evicted Brooklynites display art in Queens

About three months the residents of 475 Kent were evicted, due to a possible fire hazard, what with the matzoh factory in the basement. But it was still home to over 200 people, many of them artists.

Now a couple dozen of the residents have come back together to put on an art show. Titled “475 Kent Lives,” the show is at the Queens Museum of Art (a curator who signed a petition supporting them suggested the show) through July 13th.

475 Kent Lives on at Queens Museum


Anonymous said...

I am surprised.

A developer put in a bad light by an exhibit at a Queens cultural institution (whose board as is typical for this boro - infested with developers) is a bit suprising.

Anonymous said...

The exhibit (and press coverage) will be slanted to minimize that.

Its a FIRE issue, not a DEVELOPER issue.

Like Jesus, did you not know, that, according to the press, developers walk on water?