Monday, April 14, 2008

Monserrate's auto spot

An ambitious Queens councilman is raising eyebrows by appearing in paid ads for an auto dealership while sponsoring legislation urging New Yorkers to buy new cars.

City councilman appears in auto ad

"Are you going to buy a Paragon Honda hybrid?" WABC radio host Curtis Sliwa asked Councilman Hiram Monserrate in one of two ads on the station last month.

"Well, Curtis, the answer to that is absolutely yes," Monserrate responded in the live spot. "My next car will be a hybrid, and I'll be shopping at Paragon."

The endorsement doesn't appear to break any laws, but it's rare for a sitting elected official to back a product or company in such a baldly commercial way.

The move is especially unusual because Monserrate is pushing a law that would benefit Paragon, lifting fees at parking meters and municipal lots for a year after drivers buy a hybrid vehicle. Monserrate announced the legislation at Paragon's Woodside location in March.

Monserrate is also backing two Council resolutions asking the state for tax breaks for owners of hybrid vehicles. One good government group called the ads "troubling."


Anonymous said...

Now doesn't he look like a
Carribean pimp right out of an old Miami Vice episode?

What a piece of scurrilous crap!

Taxpayer said...

Monserrate is one of the 5 Queens whores who voted to impose the "Congestion" tax the other day.

What did Bloomberg give him: tax breaks on a Manhattan dealership?

Anonymous said...

Where in hell
did he get that fruity jacket?

He looks like a ventriloquist's dummy
on the "Uncle Floyd" show.

He should march in the pride parade all gussied up in pink!

This man was once a cop?

Anonymous said...

This man was once a cop?

Trust me, he wasn't a very good one, or a very smart one either. But listen to him and he will tell you all about how tough he had it in the Fightin 111, battling little old ladies and racoons.