Monday, April 14, 2008

Greenwich Village growing up

It's really a shame what is happening to Greenwich Village. You see, they want to build out-of-scale structures, destroy landmarks and neighborhood fabric there. Welcome to our world!


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad to send that little twerp Andrew Berman
a year's supply of Kaopectate!

Get used to having "the shits"
like we do here in Queens
over the rape of our neighborhoods.

I hope those buildings cast
a giant shadow over all those twee Village townhouses.

You elitists never did squat for us across the river....
but oh how you always "enlisted" our support for your pet causes.

"F" you all!
You can take your lumps along
with us now "brother"!

Anonymous said...

let HDC (their asshole buddies)
turn their resources over to the "Village" people and deny Queens
its fair share as usual!

Bill said...

Let's not forget Andrew Berman told NYU to build in Astoria and LIC because he didn't want their dorms in his backyard. So allow me to sit back and smile at the fact that this hospital is now preparing to royally screw him.

Anonymous said...

I hope they screw him sans
the Vaseline!

Anonymous said...

Finally, we may get some equality. It's about time!

Anonymous said...

This is horrible.

It looks hideous!

I blame Bloomberg! Can't wait until his reign is over.

SC said...

My God. How can any of you people actually cheer for the destruction of both historic buildings and the cultural fabric of New York neighborhoods, and the continuing decimation of the city's working and middle classes? The destruction of Greenwich Village is just as bad as the destruction of Queens. It shouldn't be a game of "You didn't care about us, now it's YOUR turn." This shouldn't be happening ANYWHERE in our city.

The real definition of a "NIMBY" is someone who doesn't mind destructive "development" in other places, as long as it doesn't happen in his own neighborhood. You're treading on that ground, folks. Andrew Berman may be a jerk, but that doesn't mean you should sit back and laugh while ANY New York neighborhood is bulldozed and built up and turned into another luxury community of chain stores and condos, even if you don't like the people who live in it.

Save Queens AND the Village.

Anonymous said...

Queens has lost MORE than
you Village people ever have.

You're the ones practicing "NIMBY"
you phony bunch of snobs.

You've never come out and "cheered"
for our causes because they weren't in your backyard.

That's pure unadulterated "NIMBY"!

So F--k yaz all!!!

Anonymous said...

I call this
"preservation equality"....
or whats bad for Queens
has finally come home to roost in Manhattan's Greenwhich Village!

Democracy rules!

It's time Andy Berman's minions had a taste of bitter brew!

Anonymous said...

You bet we'll all cheer!

Now it's GV's turn in the barrel!

Welcome to "Queens World" !

Anonymous said...

For years the "good" German people turned their backs on the smoke rising from the distant "work camps"in denial of what was really going on behind the electrified barbed wire.

For years
the privileged neighborhoods
have turned their backs
on the devastation that was occurring
miles away from their homes
way across the East River....
somewhere on the horizon.

Justice and fair treatment
belongs to all of us
or it belongs to no one!

sc said...

Look, I live in Queens and work in the Village. I love both neighborhoods and support their preservation. I'm no NIMBY. Sure, some Village residents ARE NIMBYs, but is that any reason to condemn the Village to destruction? "What goes around comes around"? It's the character of our city that we're talking about here, people! What about middle- and working-class people who live in the Village and want it to survive? Are they any different from middle- and working-class Queens residents who are working to save Queens? Of course people like Andrew Berman don't care about middle-class Queens, but from the looks of the comments here, middle-class Queens doesn't care about middle-class Villagers. (What's left of them, anyway.) Or about saving the cultural, historical, and architectural fabric of our ENTIRE city. Nope, they're just interested in their own part, and acting like the rest of New York is the enemy instead of actively trying to court allies in the rest of the city and build bridges between endangered communities.

I don't want to see crappy new Fedders buildings going up in Queens any more than I want to see beautiful Village townhouses torn down. Both the Village and the borough of Queens make this city an amazing one to live in, and I couldn't stand losing either. Get over your stupid grudge, people, and SAVE OUR FUCKING CITY! NO building with historical and cultural value deserves to be torn down and replaced with crap! No middle-class and working-class New Yorker deserves to be treated like shit in this out-of-control real-estate market. And yes, the middle-class and working-class people of the Village do get treated like real estate developers and affluent yuppies (who also don't care about Queens) and a certain university, all of which endanger both the history and culture of that neighborhood and the ability of REAL people to survive there.

Quit pretending like the Village and Queens are so different that one deserves destruction and the other doesn't. New York City would suck without the culture of Queens, and it would suck without the culture of Greenwich Village.

We're heading towards sucking, and unless we can work for good in our own communities while expanding the reach of our efforts to include the city as a whole, we're not going to be able to stop it.

Fanny said...

Great speech, now repeat it to the landmarking lions in Greenwich Village. See if it changes their attitude. It won't. I fail to see why I should care about a handful of Village buildings when most of their neighborhood has been preserved and most of mine looks like shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying f--k
if you live in Queens, work in Greenwhich Village and shit in
Staten Island.

Screw all those Village snobs
where they breathe!

Did they think they have
a most favored status with the LPC?

Welcome to good old fashioned American demolition democracy!

I'm cryin' in my beer
(ha, ha, ha)
for youse poor disenfranchised Villagers!

Maybe you want to move to Queens...
eh... Mr. Berman?