Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A million yuppies in LIC by 2010?

I have highlighted the eye-popping "stat" about LIC which knocked me on my ass. Is LIC actually expected to account for 40% of Queens' population in two years? Who came up with this one? Oh, yeah, and this guy sounds like a complete tool. - KingofNYCabbies

Lucky Mojo's tackles family-friendly food

For restaurateur Jim Goldman, aka "Mr. Mainstream," Long Island City is his latest frontier for experimentation.

"I open up what I like, serving to mainstream, upper middle income metro New York," he says.

While Long Island City isn't quite as "metro" or "upper middle income" as Manhattan, Goldman bets it is only a matter of time.

Goldman's opening on Long Island City is strategic -- the community is in the midst of evolving from a primarily industrial district to a neighborhood with young professionals and families seeking a Manhattan-esque lifestyle equipped with high-rise rentals, 24/7 amenities and good eats.

Developers are rapidly land grabbing, as Queens officials have estimated the population of Long Island City will grow to more than a million by around 2010.

Can't be. Starbucks ain't comin'. Question: How do you open "on" Long Island City?


Anonymous said...

This restaurant has terrific food, good live music, and people like it. This guy that you so easily criticize starts and runs businesses that lots of people really enjoy. What do you do?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Queens....
Horace Greeley might have said,
"Move east young man"!

That's because western Queens is going to be f----d right up
the alimentary canal.... clear up to the nostrils with
over development!

You keep putting down northeastern
Queens Mr. B.S.

Instead of offering lip service,

Maybe GAHS should take more of a proactive stand
instead of mounting exhibits
like that one in the past, that kissed the asses of the Vallone family!

Queens Crapper said...

The restaurant owner wasn't criticized. The reporter was. I'll send you a free copy of "Reading Comprehension: A Beginner's Guide".

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ Crapper, I think you need to read the guide yourself. When he says "and this guy" right before a reference to the restaurant owner, he is referring to the restaurant owner. Also, you might need the "Guide to Knowing Genders" since the article author is a woman.

Anonymous said...


Yuppie said...

We are taking over!

Joe said...

Ahhhh Yuppies !
They jack up prices and kill off "Mom and Pops" where ever they move.
New York City no longer has "New Yorkers" as it is.

I used to go to China town and see Chinese people and $25 Rolex watches.
Canal street was all fun electronic, hardware surplus junk stores.
Now its becoming all high end Yuppie and office Shit.

Bloomberg and "company" wants to do the same with Willets Point.

Queens Crapper said...

Mea culpa. I'll just have to ask King who he was referring to when he called the "guy" a tool. Anyway, to say that 1 million people will move into LIC by 2010 is pretty stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think both of them sound like tools.

Anonymous said...

What about yuppie couples....
should we call them "cuppies"?

Mr. Angry said...

I can't wait for water levels to rise just a little bit... People in those new high rises on the water will be in 'waterwrold'.

I wonder if any of the people buying into 'the powerhouse' know about the time just 2 or 3 years ago when a pipe broke outside and the entire first floor of that building had a foot of water in it for a day? I should probably post some photos of that later when I get home...

Anonymous said...

Thats right the yuppies have taken over. So stay the fuc* out!
Keep you low class asses in your own low income neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Dumbass, You're IN my low income area, making it a high income area. Are you really that retarded? Shut up and go buy a $5 coffee at Stardicks.

Anonymous said...

you cant afford it, you cant afford it, youre fathers an alcoholic.

My shoes cost more than you made in the last two weeks haha - you suckers!

Anonymous said...

The only reason you bitch and moan about the yuppies moving in and actually making the neighborhood BETTER is only because you WISH you were a yuppie.

Dont hate because we actually have great jobs and can live in great buildings in a up and coming neighborhood that is gonna kick your poor butt out.

Bitter bitter bitter...
Go move to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

F*ck yuppie/hipster scum. Your affected accents, and arrogant attitudes make me sick. You're evil in fact, because of you, grandma and grandpa are being thrown into the street like refuse.

You'll get your karma one day f*ckers