Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Better off cooking it yourself

Hey, you know those blogs that drone on and on about how exciting new restaurants in Queens are as if this is the meaning of life? Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet, this isn't one of those blogs. How about a link to a post about a new restaurant in Flushing that sucks? Thanks, Gothamist!


Anonymous said...

Lots of plate, not a lot of food


Anonymous said...

So that's how they dispose of
political activists in China!

What a nice pile of Flushing
"mystery meat".

Anonymous said...

Veering off course a little here, aren't you?

Try to stay focused.

Anonymous said...

Not when a "course" such as this (?)
is put onto my plate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like C.M. Liu's sopho-morons are blog watching again!

gimme a break said...

another great contribution to our glorious society

fuggadabowdit said...

who expects to find fine dining in queens anyway? queens is for people too poor to live in manhattan.

joe said...

OOh Fried baby water snake YUM !!!
Reminds me of seeing blood sausage in Puerto Rico.
I tell ya Queens is now a 3rd world country...its discusting !!!
I got lost in Flushing last week, All the buildings are so modified and fuc*d up I didnt know where I was.
It was around Nassau and Northern, now the street signes are in Korean.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the street signs were in Korean, maybe you meant the signs on the stores.

Anonymous said...

You probably also meant to say "disgusting", not "discusting".

You don't have a very good grasp of the English language, do you?

-Joe said...

Pipe down Berkley boy "discusting" or "discustin" is how New Yorkers pronounce it.
If you dont like our culture you can go back home or stay in your bubble !!!

Im glad it annoys you BTW, you dont even have the balls to post your name.
Pinky or that othe Clown Johnny from Flushing come to mind

Anonymous said...

Joe Blow, I was born in NYC and I can spell correctly. What's your excuse?

PS You're very tough over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "pooper scooper"
blue plate special.....gag!

Anonymous said...

You're the one that blows....
not "Joe"....fella!

(You can
straighten up your back now....
that is....if you're finished "dining").