Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is there any hope left for Corona?

Sent in by Who Walk in Brooklyn:

When I walked through the neighborhood the other day I was amazed to see the final results of the crack epidemic. Instead of seeing my old friends and neighbors emaciated and pale like zombies, what I saw was more stark and depressing. The city has changed the zoning and construction codes for the community. The generation old texture of one family homes has been supplanted by multi-story multiple dwellings that have no regard or respect for the scale of the community.

These multiple dwellings are filled to the gills with round the clock renters who tax all the neighborhoods resources especially the infrastructure (roads, water and sewer services). This becomes especially pronounced since their isn’t enough mass transportation to move people in and out of this community efficiently. This is real estate racism.


Keep in mind that when the city hauls out the renderings of the "shiny new" Willets Point, they are allowing this to happen to existing housing on the other side of the park. This photo is just the tip of the iceberg - click the link if you really want to toss your cookies.


Anonymous said...

Home ownerhip has always been difficult for minorities to attain and retain. When developers go into mostly black neighborhoods and transform houses into Fedders tenements, it shows a targeted effort to keep minorities from owning homes.

Anonymous said...

No hope.

Eastern Queens is downzoning and pushing development into western Queens.

They might be in a position to get after the city to halt construction and try to downzone the entire boro, but, what the hey, if you can cut deals with politicians (we will keep our mouths shut and protect our backyards - while grateful politicans shower us with money) everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

Not very smart if that is what they do as the development will still catch up to them.

Someone will have to pay for more schools and more sewers and more public transportation.

You cannot expect Corona to do that. All their money is being set home to other countries.

Anonymous said...

Corona is VIBRANT! Corona is DIVERSE!

One of the great experiences in NY is to drive down Roosevelt Avenue some night under the International Express.

I cannot describe it. It has to be seen.

Joshua said...

One of the great experiences in NY is to drive down Roosevelt Avenue some night under the International Express

An experience crawling from one traffic light to the next!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but the street scape swirling around your car's window is a sight to see.

I take all my out of town friends to see this - the route should be a must see for the tour busses in Manhattan.

Come folks! Come all! Journey through Tweeder Territory!

Really cuts through all the bullshit from borough hall.

Anonymous said...

BTW, another product of the Hunter School.

Mickeljohn did one of her patented studies in this community, too. The other is Dutch Kills.

dp said...

Queens Crap,
I should have known that you posted this piece.

Your blog is incredible and inspiring to me. My friends and I have been working on a real estate/gentrification movie for the YouTube generation.

Something similar to the one we completed regarding bodegas and check cashing facilities.