Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Atlas Park to double in size

Damon Hemmerdinger, Selling the Archie Bunker Borough Nationally

Glendale certainly isn’t exactly known as a shopping mecca. Has it been hard to convince retailers to open here?


Still proving the location, yet you’re already thinking of expansion?

"This part is 400,000 square feet on 12 acres. Phase two is six more acres, probably as much square footage as this, and there will be more development later on. We’ll basically double the size." many more bus lines will you want to reroute for that?


Anonymous said...

I think that "Atlas Shrugged"
when he thought of Atlas Park
ever becoming a financial success!

I understand they're giving away
some more money.

Imagine having to bribe people to shop there?

It doesn't sound very hopeful !

Anonymous said...

Great news! I think the Queens Crap commenters who said Atlas is perpetually empty and failing were sorely mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Was that Dale or Damon
who posted that last comment
(or the rental agent)?

Anonymous said...

I think the next stage will be housing, plenty of housing. That will save Atlas Park.

After that, they will start to demolish the existing Atlas Park for ... you guessed it, more housing!

Supporting the infrastructure with bus lines will be the least of your problems.

Anonymous said...

A lot of retailers I talked to
said that business wasn't too good because of the out of the way location and considerably high rent.

Quite a few said they weren't planning on renewing their leases.

I was considering opening up
a shop there but changed my mind
after doing the math and listening
to many of the other shop owners.

swirlie said...

I like atlas park. The movie theater is decent. The places to eat are OK as far as chain restaurnts go. all in all, its a pleasant place to go with the exception of the wandering groups of LOUD teenagers that frequent the place. I honestly think people will complain regardless of what opens up just because its something to do. is it really that bad of a place?

Anonymous said...

Atlas is a lovely place, but it wasn't very well thought out in my view. Number of points:

(1) $3 parking-- ridiculous given that it is Glendale. That truly keeps me from shopping there-- I'm going to go to Borders and basically pay $3 more for a book-- same thing for stopping into Amish Market or Rosetta wines-- all lovely stores, but there is free parking at Trader Joes and Shop and Stop and either free or 25 cent street parking for all other liquor stores in the area. Currently they are not charging for parking "until the rebate (or is it tax stimulus?) checks are in"-- if they are smart, they'll get rid of paid parking for good (except for the circular parking in the middle, which is paying for the convenience factor).

(2) This mall would have been perfect in Florida or California where the weather is alot less extreme than NY-- when it's freezing cold out or boiling hot, I'd rather be in the a/c'd or heated Roosevelt Field Mall, rather than walking in and out of the stores at Atlas. It is wonderful in the spring and fall though!

(3) Store selection: It's hard to believe that given all the teens that hang out at this mall (which is why my family never goes there on Friday or Saturday nights) that they cannot negotiate a deal with Abercrombie (can't stand the store or its advertising, but the kids like it-- can understand that there's no GAP, given Austin Street and Queens Center Mall) or Talbots--the closest is in Manhasset.

Oh well, still I have to hand it to Hemmerdinger for having guts and taking risks, and I wish him well-- most importantly-- get rid of the paid parking.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the paid parking. They should abolish the fee permanently. The fee makes me think twice about going there.

At least they should provide free parking with any type of purchase in Atlas Park. They did this for some stores before the free parking promo.

I can understand charging a fee to prevent people from parking overnight (although why anyone would is beyond me).

Anonymous said...

"Great news! I think the Queens Crap commenters who said Atlas is perpetually empty and failing were sorely mistaken."

Huh?! have you BEEN there?

Anonymous said...

The paid parking is to keep out the south side of Cypress Hills Street element. And that's fine with me. Not working and middle class shoppers from minority neighborhoods. I'm referring to the young and destructive anti social set. See New Roc or Green Acres if you find that comment racist.

Connie R said...

I like the quality of merchandise at the Atlas Shops. I meet my friends there for lunch. It's a great place to spend a day.

I don't mind paying the $3.00 parking fee for a spot in a safe well lighted garage. It's better than any municipal parking lot in the city.

Trilby said...

It was empty at first (that was nice!) but now it is quite busy most of the time. If you have made a judgment based on when it first opened, time to go back and take another look.

I don't see where they can expand, however. Move the graves?

Also, they should comp parking if you have spent money there.

Personally, I think it is nice that it's not another cookie-cutter indoor mall. It is prettier and "greener" that way. If it's winter, you are wearing a coat, right? So don't be such a wuss!

Anonymous said...

I suppose if you are spending the day, the $3 might be worth it to you. However, if you just need one or two things from Amish Market, Rosetta, Borders or now Chopin Chemists--or how about a last minute birthday card from Blue Tulip--an additional $3 is a bit steep.

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

Atlas Park looks nice, but whenever I'm there the place looks dead as a doornail. Granted I've never been there on a Friday or Saturday night, but even if you go to Queens Center Mall on a weekday you will find over 10 times the amount of shoppers per store compared to Atlas Park, which still has many vacant storefronts.

As far as the bus reroutes go, they were highly unnecessary. I take the Q54 several times a month to travel to West Queens & Brooklyn. As it was, the bus would drive directly through St. John's Cemetery between Cooper Ave. and 80th St. on Metropolitan Ave. This was great for the 99%+ of people who were not going to Atlas Park. Now, however, the bus travels down two highly congested streets, delaying the trip literally up to 15 minutes during the evening rush hour.

Given that Atlas Park is attempting to attract a wealthier clientele, I don't understand why they felt they had to detour multiple bus lines. Most people who can afford to shop here own cars, and would not even consider taking the bus instead of driving.

The new development on Woodhaven & Metropolitan is a lot more in tune with what the neighborhood actually wants. While I don't really feel one way or the other about a new Staples, Michael's, and Trader Joe's, all 3 stores are constantly packed. I was also very surprised they reused the old printing press factory instead of just tearing it down and rebuliding.

Anonymous said...

Well it's certainly more pleasant than shopping on Steinway Street in Astoria or the Queens Center Mall! People complain about the overabundance of banks and 99-cent stores but when something that's clean, attractive and appealing to those of us who can spend more than $1.00 on an item opens up, it's also criticized.

I do wish the transportation into the area was a little better; the buses that run from the Queens Center mall area do not seem to run on a regular schedule, at least not on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Busy food courts
are not a good financial indicator
that the retail stores are
actually doing well.

Only the receipts of the day
can attest to their success
or failure.

A lot of people
(especially the young and old)
love to go to malls to "shmooze"
or "hang out" in the food courts and movie theaters.

But are they BUYING merchandise
in great numbers?

The owners are making out fine. They collect rent.
After all, that's their real business.

Let's see how many shops renew
their leases after they expire!

That will determine the long term measure of success of Atlas Park.

Anonymous said...

I like atlas park. The movie theater is decent. The places to eat are OK as far as chain restaurnts go. all in all, its a pleasant place to go with the exception of the wandering groups of LOUD teenagers that frequent the place.

I agree and most vistors to Atlas would with the above statement.

However except for Borders, there are no other stores of any worth or value to me there. Empty store fronts are glaringly a sign of a huge project that is a retail failure.

Plans to double this space? if 0 x 1 = 0 then the result of doubling 0 x 2 = 0.

The parking setup even when it was free last month did not work smoothly. A huge line of cars were lined up to leave waited for 10 minutes because of some ticket reading malfunction. End the self serve ticket process and dismantle the gate and perhaps you can eliminate the hassels of shopping here.

Some of the resturants except Chilies are pricer than their counterparts outside the mall. Queens has zillions of eateries - be competitive in price!

The place is very pleasant but unless it is filled with shops that people seek out Atlas will remain a ghost town.

Gentleman Jack said...

I don't get all the negative comments on Atlas Park. Sure they charge for parking but does any other retailer provide free parking? Is Queens Center, Queens Place (Target) or Sears providing free parking? Parking on the street of many areas isn't free or easy to find (Forest Hills parking is a nightmare).

Sure it's more pleasant in warmer weather but don't people still go out in the cold to local stores?

It doesn't have as many stores as Queens Center but not too many years ago Queens Center was smaller and lacking in many of the stores that now occupy it. Give it a chance to grow.

Would you prefer the owners left it as a collection of half empty warehouses? Of all the crap buildings erected, Atlas at least provided some green space.

For the real local residents it's a nice place to stroll to. Much nicer than schlepping to Roosevelt Field because they have more stores and free parking. If you need something so badly you could always shop online. Sure you pay shipping but with the price of gas driving to a mall to park for free isn't cheap either.

Anonymous said...

Re: Roosevelt Field. Besides that it is a schlep, if you're going to shop and pay tax on what you buy, wouldn't you prefer to pay that sales tax in Queens rather than Nassau?

Anonymous said...

I like Atlas Mall - buy my clothes and shoes there. I would like to see a Dooney & Burke, Ann Taylor Loft, Talbots open up there. Queens Center Mall has nothing for the over 30 set, and besides I dont ever feel safe there. I would never take my children to Queens Center Mall. To many gang-like looking teenagers.
$3.00 is not alot to pay for shopping in a safe clean environment.

Anonymous said...

To all the posters - we all believed the closeness of Atlas Mall could be a good thing, the buildings and grounds held out hope for for a pleasant shopping experience. But>>>>

Atlas has real issues - few businesses that attract shoppers, desolete environment. Give me a reason to go other than the movies - there is none. Rerouting buses at the expense of the surrounding area and longer rides to commute to work is not a tactic that local folks tolerate. I am not in favor of spending shopping money in horror places such Roosevelt Field or outside NYC.

We could have had Walmart in Rego Park - but good merchandise at cheap prices goes against the grain in this city. If a good shopping experiece is the aim of Atlas - they succeed, but where is the shops?

Anonymous said...

Two of the clothing shops at Atlas just announced that they are expanding to double their existing space and opening two new stores. They wouldn't be doing this if business was as bad as some of you say. You all need to stop being so closed-minded.

Anonymous said...

Do they sell the "ghetto" look like all those crappy stores on Steinway Street?

What about the real quality stores....h-m-m-m?

There don't seem to be many!

Anonymous said...

If Atlas goes bust it can always be converted into another cemetery!

Anonymous said...

Damon is going through some tough times... poor little rich boy.



ray culkin said...

I'd like to comment about the queens Tribune constantly claiming that Janet Gaynor, winner of the first Academo Award, and best known for "A Star Is Born" is from Rego Park; this is a blatant lie, and it's shameful that a newspaper forgets that it must be dedicated to truth; always the truth;
Janet gaynor never came from rego Park, and never lived there;