Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey, Tony...check your calendar!

Rep. Anthony Weiner was probably wondering where everyone was yesterday. Or is the movie today?


Anonymous said...

Anthon y Weiner has done more for his district than any other elected official from the area has.
He has my vote for mayor in 2009.

Christina Wilkinson said...

I live in Weiner's district and Tony Avella has done more for us and doesn't even represent the area.

Still waiting for assistance on St. Saviour's from Mr. Weiner. Not holding my breath.

Taxpayer said...

Leave the boy alone. He's just trying to prove he smarter than the Commissar Bloomberg.

Sunday/Monday? They're just days of the week.

Just remember this mayoral candidate has good intentions. And, it's intentions that count, not actual substance!

No wonder he's so smart, and we're such rollovers. Like anonymous # 1, who might have some difficulty itemizing any of the good Weiner has done for anyone but Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Weiner was very helpful during all the flooding we had. NOT.
He's been very effective at stopping overdevelopment. NOT.
He LOVES those Sunday afternoon press conferences.

Anonymous said...

Lydon Sleeper: asleep at the wheel.

hot dog said...

he's a weiner

Anonymous said...

Lydon Sleeper is a good man.
You should say it to his face.