Monday, April 7, 2008

A good waste of tax dollars

Lawmakers in Albany have included $1.4 million to fund the Lt. Governor's office and staff for the next year. The problem is that as of last month, there is no Lt. Governor *or* staff. When David Paterson became Governor, he took his staff with him. Under state law there will be no Lt. Governor at all until 2010. So why are the lawmakers budgeting $1.2 million for salaries of a non-existent staff and $104,000 travel budget for an office that is vacant?!

This while the state pleads poverty and says it has no money to fix roads and bridges, maintain hospitals and shelters and provide for the medical needs of the elderly and indigent. Albany needs to get its priorities straight. The amount of needless pork barrel spending that routinely goes on there is sickening.

Fiscal insanity-- spending $1.4 millon a year for vacant Lt. Governor's office!

1 comment:

Taxpayer said...

Hey, it isn't as though this is real money, or that it's in limited supply.

These are TAX dollars, and there's and endless supply!

Like drunks at the free-drinks bar, never ask questions, just keep drinking until unconscious.

The bartender will keep pouring.