Thursday, April 10, 2008

A familiar theme

Now that the Legislature has turned back the proposal for congestion pricing, it is time to do something about the true cause of all that traffic congestion in Manhattan: decades of overbuilding. City Hall has allowed tower after tower to be built high above what the zoning law permitted, leading, predictably, to more and more traffic.

Of course, the group that initiated the congestion pricing plan - The New York City Partnership, lobbying arm of the Chamber of Commerce - would never go for that. It presented congestion pricing in an attractive green package, but underneath the wrapping, it was just an attempt to open up Manhattan for further real estate overdevelopment by the Partnership's members.

Mayor Bloomberg, You Want to Stop Congestion? Stop Over-Building!


Taxpayer said...

Stop the overbuilding.

Toss out every illegal alien. The illegals are driving ancient scrap mobiles with out-of-state registration, no insurance, parked everywhere, never paying tickets.

Remove all the illegals (and the "anchor children") and sit back and watch the streets uncongest.

The Commissar has no intention of doing this because he really has no intention of reducing congestion (even a tiny bit). His absolute intention is taxing the little people and keeping them a distance from his Napolienic self.

Anonymous said...

taxpayer is a true idiot.

remove para's 2 and 3, and then you start to make some type of sense. until then i'll stick with my first impression.

Anonymous said...

Yes we should continue to encourage illegal immigration when there isn't enough room for the people here legally.

Anonymous said...

Your hypothesis of:

illegal immigrants = traffic congestion

is absolutely absurd.

Or maybe they all enter illegally with their Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover, etc all polished up and ready to congest.

It’s truck-traffic, cabbies, livery, and luxury vehicles I see around Manhattan.

Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us as to where the “scrap mobile” nabes of Manhattan are, since that is the borough where congestion pricing was to take place.