Monday, April 7, 2008

Eyesore no more

A once decrepit industrial building in a burgeoning area of Forest Hills will open to house a Sleepy’s mattress store, among others, within a few months, according to the building’s leasing broker.

Construction to completely revamp the two-story property began in December, when the building was stripped down to its cinder block walls. Before that, the abandoned building was among the last vestiges of urban blight that once plagued the intersection.

Forest Hills Retail Center To Include Sleepy’s, Others

But next door...

...rumors of the possible sale of the Woodhaven Lanes bowling alley, at 75-25 Woodhaven Blvd., just south of Metropolitan Avenue, has lifelong friends and bowlers worried about the future of their favorite gathering spot.

Stanley Schuckman, president of Schuckman Realty, the leasing broker for the property, said he could not comment on the sale. Likewise, a spokesman for the owner said he could not comment, not even to confirm that the building was, in fact, for sale.

However, Schuckman’s Web site,, has already begun advertising the 45,000-square-foot space, which claims it will be available for possession by “one lucky retailer” sometime this spring.

Bowlers Upset Over Plans To Close Woodhaven Lanes


Anonymous said...

What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting rid of eyesores in FH, when is Melinda Katz leaving office?

Not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jorge bowled in Woodhaven.

Anonymous said...

Yuppies don't bowl.
This fits right in with NYC's "fuck the working class" theme of the last decade.

Anonymous said...

Yuppies don't bowl? What do you call Bowlmor and Chelsea Lanes then?

Anonymous said...

"Upscale experiences"

CntrySigns said...

I'm sure instead of being something the neighborhood needs it will be competition for existing small businesses in the area. For example an over priced craft store! How many does the neighborhood need? AC Moore is practically around the the corner from Michaels and its killing little shops like Fun Stuff and Cook's Crafts a few blocks away.