Sunday, August 5, 2007

Trib takes a walk in the park

Crappy is very proud of the Queens Tribune this week. QC brought you an expose on conditions at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park last winter, and this week's Trib proves that the situation has just gotten worse, not better since then:

A Confluence Of Trouble: The Mix Of Stagnant Water, West Nile, Dragon Boats Are A Cause For Concern

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

The park is a fucking mess. So who do we blame? The politicos or we the sheeple for allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Let's not further offend the promoters
of the (yawn) annual Dragon Boat races
by exposing its participants and audiences alike,
to the biting of pesky mosquitoes,
thereby ruining a rather dubious event !

H-m-m-m....West Nile Virus scare indeed !

I'd rather take my (very extremely thin) chances of contracting the virus than be exposed to toxic
aerial spraying .

Stick to safer effective repellent lotions!

georgetheatheist said...

The Dragon Boat race is one of the most boring events for spectators to witness...The "action" occurs way out in the middle of the lake and gets tiresome very quickly.

Anonymous said...

But the Asians love it
and were supposed to be kissing their asses
so that they can contribute more
to political campaign funds.

Did Stavisky take any money from Tommy Huang
in the early days?

mazeartist said...

The park was once a large wetland, and Mother Nature is restoring it against the city's wishes. Especially noteworthy is the gradual sinking of the land between the Fountain of the Planets and the LIE overpass, where the Flushing River once ran.

For the 1964 World's Fair, the river was severed in two parts, connected by an underground pipe. Now, it appears to be making a comeback.

If the Bronx River can be restored to its natural glory, why not the Flushing River?

Hopefully some day, we can take a canoe from Willow Lake to College Point as was possible before the World's Fair.

Anonymous said...

Good point mazeartist.

In other cities throughout the USA old rivers are being restored and allowed to flow, once again, above ground not confined to underground pipes .

WATER SEEKS ITS OWN LEVEL......eventually !

Anonymous said...

We should be worrying about those illegally dumped Asian fish species in Willow Lake......not mosquitoes.....bah !

I think they're called "snake heads" (?) that can climb out of the water up on land and are eating all the other fish and (I think) even small mammals within their reach.

H-m-m-m....they might even bite at a dragon boat and spoil the races.

Rowers are pleased advised to keep their hands out of the water .

Anonymous said...

This will probably sound a bit naive but if mosquitoes are a favorite prey of dragonflies then why not release millions of dragonflies throughout the borough instead of spraying areas with that toxic chemical. The dragonflies would be neat to look at in any event.

mazeartist said...

Even Los Angeles is planning on restoring its namesake river!

What about us? Newtown Creek is still full of oil. The isles of Jamaica Bay are disappearing, and Flushing River is a cesspool of bugs and hostile species.