Friday, August 10, 2007

Standing in the way

The two-story building where Ms. Sun’s ancestors opened a bakery in the 1840s — their clientele included the Qing emperor and his court — has been on Beijing’s demolition list since Monday. Local officials have notified the Sun family that the building is along the route of the Olympic marathon. Land is needed for a beautification project. A bulldozer is parked outside.

Little Building Defies Beijing’s Olympic Ambitions

“I’m just waiting for them to tear it down,” Ms. Sun, 55, said during an interview Wednesday afternoon inside the building. Her defiance is articulated on posters in English and Chinese that she has affixed to her door. “This is illegal!” one poster declares. “I have to use my life to protect our house!”

Beijing sounds a lot like Brooklyn.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

I call this the use of "e-Mao-nent domain".....
whether it's in China, Queens or Brooklyn.

This is an example of totalitarian domination at its worst.....crush the little guy....and steal his land !

Are you listening Commissar Bloomberg? !!!

Anonymous said...

As the leadership of China
is attempting to become more progressive
and is looking towards the future.....
it is starting to embrace the idea
of gradual humanitarian reform policies
and granting its people more freedom options.

In total contrast....Mayor Dumb-berg
is imposing his imperial dictates on the citizenry.....
gradually creating his own Red Brigade
and is recruiting from the ranks
of the NYC real estate/building industry
to fill government posts.

Soon we'll be trading with the Chinese
but it won't be import/export goods.....
it'll be our form of government!

Anonymous said...

The only problem is that our country's laws and the laws of Red China are a bit different ... on paper.

All this is erased, however, when you live in a one party state.