Friday, August 10, 2007

Gallagher weekly newspaper roundup

The reports:

Gallagher Stripped Of Posts Amid Rape, Assault Charges

The fate of a Middle Village councilman charged with raping and assaulting a 52-year-old grandmother is in the hands of the criminal justice system. In the meantime, his political clout is eroding.

Pol Charged With Rape, Faces 10-Count Indictment

If Middle Village Councilman Dennis Gallagher hoped that admitting he had consensual sex with a rape accuser would stave off rape charges and a public trial, the tactic didn't work.

Gallagher indicted in rape case

"The allegations are very troubling - particularly because they involve the actions of a public official who has a special responsibility to uphold and obey the law," the DA said. "The charges represent a breach of the trust that we place in our elected officials. It is a reminder of the fact that no one is above the law."

On Gallagher’s Political Fate, Council Defers To The Courts

“This is a disgrace on so many levels that I think (a resignation) is in the best interest of everyone” Avella said. “If he (Gallagher) is going to pursue an ‘innocent’ defense, it’s going to take too much time and effort to be able to serve his constituency full-time.”

Indicted & Disgraced

“I think he should resign for two reasons,” said Avella. “[District Attorney Richard A. Brown] is one of the most respected DAs in the state and if he feels there is enough evidence for a 10-count indictment, it tells me something.”

“Reason number two,” Avella continued, “is that if he is maintaining his innocence he will have to devote all his energies to his defense. While he does this, he will not be able to serve his constituents adequately. His influence will decrease and he will be doing a big disservice to his district. This is extremely serious, not some minor infraction. If he really wants to do the right thing, he will resign and if he is found not guilty he can run again.”

Tragic Figures: Gallagher Latest Queens Elected To Rise High And Crash Low

Lost in all the sensational details of this case are the present and future of the 30th District, the land elected officials for decades swore to protect and lead. The land that has become to many simply the scene of another scandal. The land Dennis Gallagher calls home.

The opinions:

Gallagher dilemma awaits resolution

The argument has been made that Gallagher will be too busy with his defense to fulfill his duties as a councilman. Since when does the average Council member work that hard?

Now there's a point that's hard to argue against! In Gallagher's case, he never worked hard to begin with. (Oh, my, a dirty joke just popped into my head...)

Dishing with Dee

In covering City Councilman Dennis Gallagher's (R-Middle Village) trials and tribulations a few weeks ago in this column, I made a sarcastic comment that stupidity is not a felony, but guess what: Stupidity has risen its non-felonious head again. I am referring to Gallagher's decision to appear voluntarily before the grand jury. These are extremely dangerous and precarious waters to survive in. A person testifying is out there all alone without benefit of his attorney and without knowing who else testified and what they had to say.

I am surprised his attorney allowed him to do that. History tells us when a person accused of a crime appears before a grand jury, very few ever manage to escape unindicted, and of course, that was the end result in Gallagher's case.

However, an indictment is not a conviction. Perhaps Gallagher and his attorney had a reason for Gallagher's appearance, but it beats me what that reason could be. Dennis, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we extend our good wishes to you. Good luck!

Never in the history of journalism has a columnist asked her readers to pray for an accused rapist or wish him luck. This woman's stupidity knows no bounds.

No Rush to Judgment

Gallagher is due back in court on September 28 and a lot can happen between then and now. We are confident in our judicial system and know that justice will be done.

Gallagher Must Resign For the Good of His Constituency

A person that is elected to public office needs to display good character, good citizenship and be of high moral character. According to the charges, he has not displayed any of these qualities.

Maybe It's Me...

First of all, why weren’t you more careful, Dennis? It’s not my role to rake anyone over the coals, but let’s look at the facts here: Both you and your accuser are married to other people, and it has been said you were a "regular" at this bar. It has also been alleged that you were renting a room or apartment upstairs from your office. Is this what it’s been for?

Photo from Queens Chronicle
Cartoon from Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

Damn did they do a number on him!

I guess it means no more ads from him.

Anonymous said...

thank you Crapper, the disgraced Gallagher in all of the local newspapers is a sight for sore eyes.

Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon. It makes him look like even more of a pervish overweight middle-aged loser than he does in person.

Hide your grandma said...

Hey Crapper, how sad is it that our accused rapist Councilman is still spending so much time blogging and threatening volunteers? This will come out in the days ahead and show what a complete dirtbag this loser is.

verdi said...

This is the one time Dennis' face isn't pink.

It's white!

glendale said...

it wouldn't be gallagher if he didn't try and blame someone else for his indictment and arrest.

taxpayer said...

Will that be the same face he has when he first meets Bubba?

Bubba doesn't like sneers.

john-e-be said...

"Never in the history of journalism has a columnist asked her readers to pray for an accused rapist or wish him luck. This woman's stupidity knows no bounds."
Did you do a fact-check on your statement? Don't get me wrong, I value QC's quality and its dissemination of all that's notable (born and raised in Glendale, now out West). And ever since I caught wind of the St. Saviour's plight and the behind-the-scenes trickery (which pretty much summarized DG's very essence) in, Gallagher and his proponents aren't worth defending.
That said, I also question Dee's journalistic license. But she's a columnist -- subjective in nature -- not a reporter. A reporter should never take sides, much less unite church and state, in an article.
But, I didn't review the editorial policy of the Queens Ledger; just recalling my 2 years of reporting classes in college.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee:
I would pray for Councilman Gallagher, but St. Saviour's is closed to the public.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the locals have no guts. They are the papers who should really take the stand against Gallagher. Yes, I know that one is innocent until proven guilty, but regardless of a verdict of guilty or not, this guy admitted to a sex act which his own attorney has labled as immoral. It really makes me sick to read something like The Queens Courier and see an editorial which is nothing more than a reiteration of the news reports and then take a milquetoast position like we should not rush to judgement. How absurd. But no surprise from Vicki Schneps' paper. She is probably afraid to lose the ad revenue from Gallagher.
There are many people who engage in such indiscretions, but they have not put themselves out there as the puritanical Republican that Gallagher has. Elected officials put themselves in a certain light as soon as their campaigning begins. They become accountable to the voters who secure their future and pay their salary. This guy is at best a hypocrit and an adulterer. I don't think the same people who were in support when he ran would be running to the polls now to pull the levers.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... every body knows that Dee writes pee.
She's a joke among journalists.

Her column should read "Pishin' with Dee"!

Anonymous said...

So Gallagher has been caught!

On to the next crook! Put 'em all in jail!

Let's not sit back and applaud
because there are still plenty out there
still "representing" us!

Anonymous said...

Watch for the action coming against JPP soon, it will expose the rats and watch them run and hide.

Anonymous said...

What's the JPP?

Anonymous said...

JPP is Pinky's blog.