Sunday, August 5, 2007

Queens bridge deficiencies

According to MSNBC's Deficient major bridges in New York, Queens has some work on its bridges to do...

Photo from Greater Astoria Historical Society


Anonymous said...

can't read it. i left my hubble telescope at work.

Anonymous said...

Keep up all that mega building and there will be more vehicles per hour going over all our bridges .

Stop....oops....wait a minute.....
could that be THE REAL REASON
Mayor Dumb-berg wants congestion pricing?

Rather than SPEND money on repairing our bridges (a red debit entry in NYC's financial ledger)
to carry the increasing loads resulting from all that over development that's been going on.....

(keeping the books in the black) while
attempting to ease traffic flow
on our over stressed bridges so they won't give way when least expected.

That's robbing Peter to pay Paul and we're bound to lose either way.

We've repeatedly WARNED our readers
about the rash of over building while
at the same time NYC is choosing to
ignore its aging inadequate infrastructure .

Anonymous said...

The electric grid is a mess.

The bridges are falling down.

The watermains brake with numbing regularity.

(Do we have to mention classrooms in trailers, closed hospitals and firehouses)

What is the solution? Building on flood plains and brownfields!!