Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plan to nix schools on toxic sites

Queens students may be forced to attend schools built on toxic sites unless the state Legislature agrees on a plan.

Concern grows over toxic sites

The bill at issue outlines a review process that a piece of land must go through before a new school can be built on it. Currently, state-owned sites go through this stringent process, but leased sites get off easier. Without a more consistent review process, the new schools promised to Queens residents by the city could be built on contaminated sites.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Kevin Forestall, community board member said, "We would've preferred not having a school in that (toxically contaminated) location, but felt we couldn't have stopped it."

This guy needs to hand in his resignation, at once. Get somebody in his place with more backbone.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this policy isn't applied
to residential housing sites.....
i.e. like "Sound View Pointe" for instance!