Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pinky to volunteer: "Show me your t--s"

A young Queens woman who once volunteered in alleged rapist Dennis Gallagher's City Council office told a grand jury last week that he sexually harassed her, according to sources.

While working there, Gallagher allegedly took her into his back office and asked her to bare her breasts, the ex-aide said.

"He said to her, 'Show me your t--s.'

"She said, 'No.'

"He said, 'Well, how far would you go?'

"She said, 'All the way to Queens Boulevard' - and quit," the ex-aide recalled.

POL'S OTHER 'VICTIM' least one source close to the councilman said the Gallagher marriage is in shambles, and has been on the rocks for years because of his heavy drinking and womanizing.

The source said Dennis Gallagher has a long history of infidelity, with the trysts often taking place in his back office.

"They haven't been intimate for a long time," the source said. "It's a marriage for the children and his political career."


connie said...

Using his taxpayer funded Counilmanic office for his trysts is gounds enough for his resignation. What is Christine Quinn waiting for? Hasn't Gallagher brought enough embarrassment and scandal to the council?

Julie said...

Just think: If the city council fails to remove this prick, each member will have an albatross hanging around their neck while they attempt to run for their next office. Pinky could end up screwing more than just a grandmother...

Anonymous said...

Melinda Katz, Gallagher's best friend on the council, knew about his transgressions and continued to rub his back in public. I hope that witch gets flushed down the toilet with pinky.

Anonymous said...

How about Eric Gioia? He showed up at Pinky's phony civic - all smiles. Hopefully a photo of that event will make the rounds during the public advocate race.

Anonymous said...

No, I think the worst one is Peter Vallone. He went out of his way to comment to the press after the news broke that Dennis is a great guy. Dennis must have the dirt on Pete, and it will all come out soon when the piggy begins to squeal.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Oddo - now there's a piece of work. Made sure his own squeeze was protected from the lecherous Pinky then publicly said that the guy is a family man. Shame on you, James, you're now the odd-man out!

Queens Crapper said...

As one of three Republicans on the 51-member body, Gallagher received supportive words from his Staten Island colleagues James Oddo and Vincent Ignizio.

"This is painful," said Oddo, a close friend of Gallagher and leader of the Republican Council minority. "Dennis has maintained his innocence from day one and after 15 years of friendship I think I owe it to him to believe that, and I will believe that until facts and evidence to the contrary."

Oddo said he spoke to Gallagher, a 43-year-old married father of two children, after the indictment tonight.

"He's doing (how) you would imagine he's doing. He's concerned about his family," Oddo said. "From the statements I've read online he's admitted that he has done some immoral things, but he has maintained in every conversation I've had with him his innocence."

Ignizio was guarded in his comments, but emphasized it is too early for the public to judge Gallagher.

"I think at this stage Dennis needs to keep his faith in the justice system as I am and I think it's always a difficult day whenever any elected officials, who are rightfully held to a higher standard, are accused of a crime."

Ignizio sits on the Council's Standards and Ethics Committee, which will review the matter early next week.

SI Advance

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he think about what he was doing to his family when he was in a bar across the street from his house trying to pick up women?

westernqueensland said...

Thanks for the great (irreverent) coverage. Frankly, I think that this is all too common, and within a year or two there'd be someone whom I like doing much the same thing. Anonymous 2 pointed out that Gioia still makes nice, and that, to me, is the sign of the cynical insincerity of most politicians. The game is compromise, and it doesn't mix well with the best.

westernqueensland said...

Oh Yeah,

And Bravo to the woman who walked out and bared witness (sic). I guess not everyone in a politician's office is venal.

Anonymous said...

Pinky didn't think about what he was doing to his family & particularly his victim, since he's a life-threatening germ, that of course lacks a conscience.

Pinky - How'd you like to be slammed in the slammer, you good for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

georgetheatheist said...



From the NYC Council:

Speaker Christine Quinn and the Council Nomenclature Committee has issued the following official statement:

"Whereas four sordid events have now historically occurred in the Borough of Queens, fulfilling Local Ordinance 69, The Price-is Right "Come-on-Down" Law:

1. The hara-kiri demise of Borough President Donald ("Bring that paper bag to me in the men's room") Manes.
2. The absconding of Little League monies by Assemblyman Brian ("No, no, the GREEN wire is the one you ground to the metal pipe")McLaughlin.
3. The "Driving Miss Hevesi" affair of Professor/Comptroller Alan ("Oy! My grandfather the Rabbi would have been so ashamed") Hevesi.
4. The sexual shenanigans of NYC Councilman Dennis ("Be kind and help an elder") Gallagher.

It is now resolved that the Borough of Queens, effective immediately, will now be known as

Peyton Place


verdi said...

I understand that Pinky's legal counsel is busy preparing a "Viagra defense" for his twisted client
in a vain attempt to cut his jail time !

A certain civic association mole has introduced himself into the employ of the council member
and whilst within the confines of his district office, discretely laced his Excedrin with a mega dose
of the sexual enhancement prescription.

"The big "V" made me do it",
says Dennis The Menace !

georgetheatheist said...

Ignizio = Ignatz the Mouse?

Bubba said...

Dearest Denise,

We'll be a family here too. But, never try any of your infidelity with us. We don't "stand by our man" in here. We'll stomp you for even thinking of betraying our trust. (It's the way we are. We're stomper types. We'll probably stomp you in the beginning so you truly understand our ways.)

That said, why not do the plea bargain thing? I know it's selfish of me, but, the sooner you get here, the sooner the fun begins! Plus, your sentence will be shorter, but, I don't mind; once the Mexicans have their way with you to even the score of what you did to the sister of one of the toughest in here (even tougher than me, and, a better stomper. He said that he wants to stomp your other ball so hard it pops out through your nose. He's very friendly and refined when he's not so mad, so, do try to not piss him off by bragging about what you did to his sister.)

Anyway, think things over. You'll be much happier here with all of us. We play basketball, so, you can help us there by chasing our balls. You will never again be lonely at night. And all your perversions can be acted out here with us.

Someday, if you survive, and you get real strong and become a good stomper, you might even get sloppy 10ths on some of the newbies.

Please write. I need to hear from you. I quiver all over whenever I think of you. That photo of you in cuffs in front of the judge had my thing doing uncontrolled spasms. I can't explain it all, except to say you are sooooo attractive.

My first words to you will be: drop your panties; show me your "thing" (we don't get crude and coarse in here, we are too refined), and how far will you go with me Baby?

Please, Denise. Hurry.

Love without betrayal,

Your own Bubba

Anonymous said...

Katz and Pinky have one common bond above all else........they both like fat women!

Anonymous said...

Marshall has been a no show since day one.

In Queens, we have then worst Pols you can imagine......we get screwed more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

I hear Pinky's defense is the one ball theory!

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that 5 women have now approached the DA and will be key witnesses for the plantiff.

Three from Pinky's working taxpayers sex den.

Now you can understand why Pinky had no time for the community's best interests....hard to do when you are screwing everything that has two legs and moves, getting drunk every day, taking bribe money, selling porn, gambling, doing drugs, and poping unprescribed viagra.

What a leader we had....I mean loser!

Anonymous said...

Who's Oddo running against? I've got some info he/she may want.

Anonymous said...

What is it with politicians
who have the need
to screw around on taxpayers' time
(Clinton in the Oval Office and
Pinky in his council-maniac office) ?

Are they trying to impress "the girls" ?