Friday, August 10, 2007

No heavy trucks on Throgs Neck Bridge

In the wake of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, oversized trucks will not be allowed on the Throgs Neck Bridge without special permits, government officials said. As a result, a program that started two years ago for heavy trucks was rescinded.

Overweight Trucks Restricted on Throgs Neck Bridge

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the bridge is safe for drivers, but as part of a biannual inspection, some damage to the bridge was discovered.

The maximum vehicle weight on the bridge is 80,000 pounds, MTA spokeswoman Catherine Sweeney said Thursday. But the program allowed certain state-permitted trucks with six or seven axles weighing 105,000 pounds to travel in the center lane at 30 miles an hour at any time.

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Anonymous said...

So instead of supplying money to fix up bridges throughout the country the government is merely going to be imposing restrictions on traffic flow across them. Pretty clever tactic of the government, making it seem like they're doing something in response to that tragic bridge collapse without spending a dime.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which bridge all those overweight loaded trucks that removed the trees from St. Saviour's took!

Anonymous said...

When I tried taking a photo of this bridge last summer the guards at the main gate of Fort Totten informed me I couldn't. Defying this order I went out on to the jetty and was about to snap a photo of the bridge when a park ranger pulled up in a vehicle and started marching towards me.