Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New park and garage for Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn:

More open space and parking.

LIC, Jamaica, Flushing:

They're in Queens.


westernqueensland said...

I'm of two minds on this one. 1, Let them overdevelop Brooklyn and 2, break me off some of that for Queens. The truth of the matter is that more of Brooklyn, is adjacent to Manhattan, and there is precious little access to the parts of Queens that abut Manhattan (Upper East Side to Astoria, etc.), so they're going to keep filling Brooklyn. Also there are more parks near Manhattan (Flushing Meadows is out there, while Prospect Park is nigh) so the Manhattan Gentry move to Park Slope, while we have Queens to ourselves.

who walk in brooklyn said...

there is no small amount of nauseating truth there, westernqueens. that said, brooklyn, like queens, is not a static system & there are other forces at play besides displaced or aspiring yuppies-- think how Sunnyside is & even Astoria, which has resisted turning to to total crap even with 20 years of hype.

that said, without more juice ya'll ARE more vulnerable to bad civic shit than anyplace but the Bronx (tho' old Staten Islanders might argue that), which still has it the worst per capita i think.

wwib (moving to Ozone Park)

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you get idiots like the JPCA executive board bellyaching to Bloomie and Benepe that they are over developing or ruining the City. Then on the other hand, they turn around and cry like a baby that they are not getting their fair share.

Queens, unfortunately, is saddled at present with a small group of people who think they are saving their community, but are really just annoying gnats flying around our elected officials. Continue in this mode, and you'll get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Chan is Wellington Z. Chen's Brother.

Anonymous said...

Any relation to the elusive Eddie Chan,
alleged gangster?

Anonymous said...

The proposed Flushing Commons would include park space and parking. Unfortunately, the developer keep changing the plans, resulting in distrust and delays.

voting molecule said...

Next time you fakers claim
that the borough-wide.....
(make that citywide) movement
to reign in rampant over development
are just a bunch of inconsequential
pesky annoying gnats.......


Did you ever go to bed
and try to get some good sound sleep
with even a single mosquito
buzzing in your ear all night? !!!

(H-m-m-m.....let alone a growing swarm ?)