Monday, August 6, 2007

Lights out in Flushing

"This is at least the fourth blackout to hit the Flushing area within the past nine weeks. The frequency of these blackouts, albeit troubling, is not surprising," Liu said in a statement.

Con Ed: Queens Power Outage Affects 968 Customers

No, Johnny, it's certainly not surprising considering the amount of overdevelopment you've promoted in your neck of the woods!


Anonymous said...

Maybe certain politicians
need "their lights punched out" !

(Relax...that's only a metaphoric joke not a threat.... C.M. Liu's blog scoping spies) !

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Liu family
also own property outside of NYC?

Maybe after Johnny boy and his
developer (campaign contributing) friends
are finished crapping all over Flushing,
he plans to move away from the Bayside Ave. vicinity and leave his constituents
swimming in the toilet bowl he helped create!